“I Breathed Today”

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Living with an invisible illness can sometimes give cause for some serious head trips.  On the outside you may look like a picture of vitality and health. But on the inside, your entire nervous system can be screaming, as if it was set ablaze with Napalm.

00 sometimes its okay if you must breathThe head trips aren’t just from other people assuming that you’re perfectly fine. That you’re making up lame excuses as to why you aren’t going to do XYZ. Or, that you’ve swiped your grandma’s handicapped parking placard, because you’re just a lazy louse.

Speaking as someone who has dealt with full-blown Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue for over 15 years now — I could share countless negative stories about how misunderstood and mistreated people with invisible illness are usually treated. Often by well-intended people who think they’re helping by pushing you to push yourself. But more often by strangers who make visual snap judgements and get downright mean towards you.

But actually, some of the biggest head trips are internal, from self-doubt … “Just push yourself a little harder. You’re going to hurt anyway, might as well make it count, right?” This is what I go through on a daily basis. But I’ve been actively having to push extra hard for the past four days now while experiencing a very serious Fibro flareup.

I’ve decided to start writing about my invisible illness experiences in an attempt to possibly inspire others who wrangle with one too. You’re not alone! And, an even loftier goal, is to possibly help bring awareness to those who don’t have to live with one. In other words, for sure I’m not writing this article for sympathy. Typically, I keep pretty quite about my daily invisible illness struggles, especially so during flareups. But if we don’t share information, how do we all learn?

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