Languish Un-gunked

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Hurray!! Officially, as of yesterday, my creative chunk of the Universe realigned itself. After months of creatively languishing away in a writer’s block … After choosing a committed session of writing on the blog over having dinner with my dad at an Indian restaurant that we’ve wanted to dine at for well over 10 years now … I went to write on the blog on Tuesday, only to find that the web site was broken. And I mean broken! Say, “What Universe?”

A huge thank you goes out to my heart-sister, Wombat, for fixing the web site. You are the most luscious geekette ever, lovely one!

It looks like I will have several days worth of writing ahead of me. Today 500+ words just flowed out. It feels wonderful! The first rough draft of the intro to “Survivor Depression Deconstructed” is done. Tomorrow, onto digging into some nitty-gritty stuff. Make more art.

Find a blessing a day, it’s there. =;o)

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