S “Cocopuffs” My baby heart-sister. Your spitfire energy; ability to find a loophole in anything thing that exists in the known Universe; wickedly dry sense of humor and your ‘Ms. Switzerland’ skills have been invaluable to me.

Sarcasm. It’s just one of your super powers that I feel blessed to be regularly zapped by you with. I feel even more blessed to be in you inner circle, in your heart.

Your classic response of, “Duh!” is a grounding event for me. Keep these grounding moments coming!  =;>


Renee “Sissy” My half-year difference twin heart-sister, a fellow Fire Rooster. You are the one who taught me that it doesn’t take blood to be a sister or a brother. You taught me that it only takes two hearts coming from a pure place.

Nobody can kick my ass quite like you can. There is no BS’ing my way out of anything with you, nor you with me. This is treasured beyond what I could ever express in words.

You are a beautiful, fierce, loving and loyal light in my life — a beacon of metaphysical reason.  But your Hawaiian ancestral Huna medicine stuff will continue to scare the living crap out of me ’till the day I take my last breath!
<insert sultry, evil, Huna laugh here>


Liberty “Liberty Love,” “Kid,” and “Wombat.” My kid heart-sister. You are the youngest in my circle of heart sisters, hence getting to call you a kid. Your warm doe-eyes and the kindness you still show even in a sarcastic moment, remind me of an adorable Wombat — hence donning you with the nickname of Wombat.

There is such strength in your gentleness. Your ability for deep empathy always leaves one walking away from any conversation as being sincerely understood and/or appreciated.

You are the magical Web Enchantress behind this web site. Without your talent, knowledge and near unending patience — this web site would have never been built or function properly. I will forever, forever be indebted to you.

I am looking forward to meshing our talents in many more adventures to come!



Billy Boy “Sir William, B. Boy, Buttaah Lickaah”

Seventeen years ago Billy was born. I wish I could have seen him as a kitten. But, someone dropped him off in the small town I was living in when he was about nine months old.

From the moment he wrapped himself around my ankles, looked up at me with his sweet face — my life has never been the same. It took just one stroke of petting him to know I had to have him. Little did I know, I wouldn’t own him, he would own me.

Basically, Billy is either a Black Lab dog trapped inside a cat’s body. Or, he’s a reincarnated Buddhist monk. He’s been around all kinds of animals, nice and horrid — I have yet to ever hear him hiss once, ever. Some of these animals have literally eaten his food from right under his nose, all he did was step back and let them have at his food. He literally will not even harm a fly. He’s only ever pawed them a few times, then steps back and leaves them to be — much to Mom’s angst.

Billy has won over quite a few self-proclaimed “cat haters.” He’s just so mellow, loveable and charming. He’s a black Siamese and very handsome, kinda like the Brad Pit of the kitties. But boy can he howl and yowl! Sometimes he sounds like somebody is yanking a leg off of him or something. I go running to see what is wrong? Nothing is wrong with him physically, he’ll just wants the a door or window opened so he can watch his “kitty tv” shows outside.

Just speaking in a mild stern tone of voice to him when he’s been naughty (which isn’t too often) will get him all upset that you’re upset with him. He’ll apologize when he’s been bad and he’ll actually come when you call his name. He is also my Fibro and Chronic Fatigue alert kitty. He somehow knows when a bad flare up is coming. He’ll insist upon sticking to me like glue and/or just staring at me with great intent. I’ve learned to heed his alerts.

Billy is the longest stretch of unconditional love I’ve ever had in my life. He’s so kind and loving, a total lap cat (we have personal space wars sometimes) and as silly as a cat could possibly be. One of his favorite games is to sit in the cardboard box flat that the cans Ginger Ale comes in from Sam’s Club — but you have to spin him around in it until he gets dizzy! And do NOT put ANYTHING in that box or you’ll get some serious “What is wrong with you?” looks.

By far, he’s the best cat that’s ever owned me.


~♥~  ~♥~  ~♥~

These three young ladies are etched deeply within my heart.
My love for them will always burn brightly.
I have been beyond blessed to share their laughter, tears,  hopes & dreams.
I will always be just a phone call or a hug away.


 “Precious” “Strawberry” Our movie star and artist. Such an artistic and creative young lady — who loves the most gory, bloody, oogie-boogie movies she can watch. 
   I keep saying she’s either going to end up becoming a CSI tech, a mortician or a serial killer. Hopefully for all of our sakes, while we’re sleeping, not the latter of those career choices. 
   It is such an honor to be a part of watching her begin her teen years — drama and all. Her nature is mellow, thoughtful and kind, and yet, she’s tough and independent in spirit too. She’s a natural mediator and negotiator. And I can’t believe she’s way taller than I. She’s already model tall and still has more growing to do. What a joy it’s going to be to be a part of her adult life too.


 “Monkey” “My Angel, Lois Lane, My Mini-Me” She’s a born organizer, reporter, crusader of the underdog. If you want to know what’s going on, what who did where … she’s your gal to ask. Nothing passes by this kid without her catching it.
   She has a quick wit, dogged determination and bluntness. She tells it like it is, period. Yet, she’s a very loving soul.
   She and I are a lot alike. We’re the plotters and planners of life. We try to figure things out, plan head, keep in touch with the baseline of reality. I swear, I must have given birth to this kid on the astral plane. lol
   We love to read books aloud to each other, play cards and run twit races in the grocery stores, talk silly with each other.
   Mini-Me could well earn herself some type of athletic scholarship for college. She gives the boys a run for their money when she plays basketball. I’m doing my best to spark an interest in girl’s softball — big time girl’s scholarships there.
   I can’t wait to see what she chooses as her medium, her career, to set the world on fire for the right. She is a beautiful soul that I am honored to have love me back.


 “Ladybug” “Doodle-butts, Captain Chaos, Silly Goose”
   Just seeing her picture while setting up this page made me chuckle aloud. You’d be a fool if you let her petite stature lull you into thinking she wasn’t a force of nature to be reckoned with.
   She’s strong-willed, extremely smart, naturally musically talented, sensitive and loving to those she loves and trusts. May God help you if she doesn’t. lol
   Her thirst for knowledge amazes me. She started reading pretty much on her own around five years old. She filled in most of the information for her Tinker Bell birthday invitations for her sixth birthday. She got some help, but not much. 
She’s a snuggle bug for sure. Curling up with me with either the Tinker Bell or Ladybug quilts I’ve made for her and a good book is one of our favorite past-times together. The other is me trying to keep up the best I can while she runs from spot to spot ahead of me, or while riding her bike back and forth until I catch up. Oh, and she loooooves me to scratch her back while she lays on top of me.
   Getting to be a part of, and, watch her grow from being a little girl into a big girl has been a marvel. And, she’s the only one of the bunch that will eat beans with me!!! Now THAT is a good kid!!! lol 

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