I am a writer, lyricist, artist, crafter, sewing fool, a fibromyalgia/ chronic fatigue wrangler and an audacious breast cancer survivor. This written trail of my path of remembrance is for my sanity, for my village and hopefully for your inspiration & giggles.


Upon hearing that links to “L’idiot Blog de Chérie” were being passed along to people I will probably never have the pleasure of meeting, I figured some explanations about this blog site were warranted.

At some point after my yearly mammogram was done in 2009, breast cancer invaded my chunk of the Universe. It had invaded my entire life. After a breast biopsy came back positive on 04/25/10, I set about privately informing the people in the Universal “village” that I live in — all of my loved ones sprawled across the United States.

Then after a few days of digesting the news, I decided to go ahead and go public in the Universal “county” I live in. This county is comprised of a wonderful group of people I have had a blast being in contact with via Facebook. Some are from my childhood, high school and/or jobs from yesteryear. Some are even new people I’ve grown to adore via Facebook games.

I wrote a post on Facebook titled “Booby Blog.”  That material is now this blog site’s April 2010 blogs that have the dates and procedure names on them.
Positive feedback flooded my heart with comfort. Then I found out that some people were doing a copy/paste of what I had written for their loved ones who have had to wrangle with cancer. They’ve told me that they felt my humor and warrior approach might help their loved ones too.

Upon my baby heart sister, Shelly, hearing that people were copying and forwarding what I had written, she encouraged me to start a blog site for easier access on a broader communication platform, a blog site … to a Universal “country” of fellow cancer warriors and their loved ones, their supporters.

While mulling over the idea of communicating to a Universal “country,” for the heck of it one morning I translated “Chérie’s Booby Blog” from English to French. “Chérie’s Booby Blog” translated to “L’idiot Blog de Chérie.” Needless to say, the French translation of the word booby left me in “udder” hysterics. So much so, my cat trotted over to make sure I wasn’t going to prematurely die on him — somebody has to be around to set up Billy Boy’s throne (step stool) at the front door, clean his litter box and make sure he’s fed promptly at 8:00 every morning.

I shared this translation irony with my baby heart sister, Shelly. She was laughing so hard I feared she was going to pee her pants. When she finally caught her breath I asked her, “So, I take it you’re trying to imply I’m an idiot?” With the best mocking tone of sarcasm she could muster she answered, “Oh no!! Uh, not at all!!” Later on in our conversation she said, “You know you gotta use it, don’t cha? It’s perfect!” Shelly must be right … ALL of my closest loved ones cracked up laughing upon hearing the name. How could a comedic wordsmith’s soul resist? =;>

After nearly a year’s worth or writing I was then encouraged to go legit — purchase a domain name. I did this as a means to protect what I’ve written, and, to reach a broader audience … hopefully to bring a chuckle or two; possibly a few “oh, yeah” moments; and/or some inspiration to help keep one’s mind, body and soul on track.

Now you know the origins of this blog site’s name and it’s progression of growth. So, I will close with a quote that someone I dearly loved would often says after they had committed some egregious act against societal decorum … “There ya go, Babycakes!”


FYI: If you choose to take a peek at “L’idiot Blog de Chérie” (In English “Chérie’s Booby Blog”) please know that it’s about my life and my personal journey through life. If an irreverent sense of humor and/or a blunt approach about fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue or cancer will upset or offend you, please, read no further.


FYI II: I’m not looking for sympathy from anyone that chose to read past the first preface, period. Really, I don’t want it or need it. Those who are deeply embedded in my heart will tell anyone that I’m an overly analytical, logical fighter — I am a warrior. That I very rarely ever dip my toe into the ‘boohoo’ end of the pool. So, please, save “I’m sorry” for someone you may need to apologize to. But a, “You go girl! Kick it in the balls” will be highly appreciated. =;>

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