“To Infinity Thank You!”

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On October 21st, I’ll receive a ‘forever art’ gift. My tattoo artist, Shannon, will perform her artistic magic and tattoo an intricate black lace tattooed demi-cup bra on me, held together in the center with a lilac ribbon and a black lace butterfly sitting on top of the ribbon. Gone will be the only “ugly” remnants of my audacious roar back in breast cancer’s face. Gone. Forever!

This gift would never have been possible without the kindness and generosity of so many people.

To each and every soul who shared my fundraiser page; who donated; who pestered your Facebook friends by repeatedly posting the fundraiser page; to everyone that donated — friends; loved ones; my heart-grandson who, all on his own, gathered up all of his change and told my heart-daughter, “Here, Mom. Donate this to her for me?'; to total strangers who donated; and, to friends who sent me cards and donations in the mail … the phrase “thank you” just will never seem to be eloquent enough to express how deeply grateful I am for all that you’ve done. Without you, transforming these mastectomy scars into something utterly beautiful would never have been possible. Sincerely, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To my dear friend … Lilah, for chomping on me to create a fundraiser page in the first place; for creating it so quickly; for making my photographs make me look like a hottie (I’m going to kiss your feet ’till the day you die for that!); for sharing the page on every known social media platform on this earth — just shy of climbing the Empire State building and flying a banner for it … you are so talented, so loyal, so giving, so funny, so loving and so snarky — thank you from the depths of my soul for everything that you did to make this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity obtainable. Please check out her Facebook blog page, Naturally Frugalicious.

To Personal – P.INK …Thank you so very, very much for this wonderful opportunity to bring closure to such a long journey — for so many women. Thank you for the opportunity to turn our scars into beauty. Your organization will be who will get my “pink” dollars from now on.

To Jillian at Personal – P.INK … Thank you for your extra patients with a non-tech savvy gal. It’s going to be an honor to get to meet you come Sunday night.

To my bike buddy Norm … Who is driving me to and from New York City and will babysit me while I’m legally high as a kite, thank you. I have a feeling you’re never going to let me live down some of the stuff that’s sure to spill outta my free-flowing brain on this trip. If anyone ever needs an excellent professional DJ for a party, he’s the man to call. DJ Freegator

To my tattoo artist, Shannon of Indigo Rose Tattoo Studio … Your openness, laughter, humor, generosity and sweet spirit are only outdone by your artistry. An extra thank you for making it possible for me to be with y’all at Sunday nights “Meet & Greet.” I’m sure “HoJo in Soho” is going to wonder who the maniacs on our floor are! Sweet One, as I told you before, I do believe the Universe put me in good hands, yours.

Thank you, Universe! Not sure what I did to deserve this “out of left field”  wonderful gift … but I’m glad I slide into a last-minute opportunity. I am one lucky gal!


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