“Operation Slather ‘n Wrap”

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To tell you that I’m deeply humbled by everyone’s help and input? That would be the understatement of the year, the decade!

The contact person at Personal Ink – P.INK suggested that I put up a fund raiser page, then one of my heart-sisters, Wombat, suggested the same thing. It feels very awkward to do this, but, if I don’t it, it could mean this wonderful opportunity would end up being a huge financial strain on me, and possibly not doable. As this opportunity arrived at the very last minute for me, the timing hasn’t afford me to have been able to make proper preparatory arrangements in my budget.

Here is the link to the fun raiser page. Even if $5 isn’t in your budget? That’s okay, your sharing the link will still be a big help. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again — women rock it out at networking!


“Chérie’s Road to Celebratory Closure Fund Raiser”


[Last night the first donation came in from a gal that I'm pretty sure wrangled her $5 donation outta one of her backyard chickens! Thank you!]

"Operation Slather 'n Wrap"

At first my budgetary issues was just that of the train ticket. Then Personal P.INK has asked if I could possibly show up for their meet-and-greet on Sunday the 20th, the night prior to the Monday morning tattooing session. All of the Survivors and tattoo artists are flying in from all around the United States! P.INK is providing food at this meet-and-greet, so we’ll get some time to sit and chat a bit with our tattoo artist prior to our tattoo session(s) the following morning.

Then on Monday morning, starting at 9:00 AM, they are serving us breakfast and then the tattooing will commence. If I take the train I have to choose between being either three to four  hours early, or more than an hour late to the tattoo session.

At some point on Monday morning I am going to have to slather some heavy-duty prescription numbing cream on my foobs and then wrap them up in Saran wrap and stay wrapped up like that for at least an hour — to totally numb out my skin, and hopefully, my double thick layer of surgical scar tissue.

If I ride in on the train on Monday morning — not only will I have time arrival issues — I’d have to attempt to execute “Operation Slather ‘n Wrap” in a train’s public train bathroom stall. Knowing clutzy me? This would prove to be a hysterically funny scene to for sure, forever,  to go down in infamy — as one my greatest comedic spazz performances EVER!

But, it would be much less stressful on me if I could perform “Operation Slather ‘n Wrap” in a hotel room, instead of a train’s bathroom stall. Plus, I can get as legally high as a kite (to help with nerves and pain issues) without having to worry about said legal drugs lower my inhibitions enough to where I’d end up jumping some strange hottie sitting across the train’s aisle from me. [It's been a while =:p ]

Thank you for sharing and networking — to not only assist me in participating in a chance of a lifetime, but to also possibly save me from any potential public train humiliation antics!

And, especially thank you if you donate!
Chérie’s Road to Celebratory Closure Fund Raiser

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