Bumble Bee Point

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After a four day bout in the hospital from a blindsided Diverticulitis attack, and now two days of quiet recovery back at home … I decided to dedicate my one burst of energy for the day to photography.

My heart-family is filled with professional photographers. Three, to be exact. Excellent ones too. I am “just” a mere Point-And-Shoot Photo-Puttz. Yet, I had a blast today.

Came back home with 104 raw photos; wet hiking boots; soaked pant hems from wading in wet grass through a field, cornfield and a construction site; and, one wet knee from kneeling in wet grass for a few shots (that amounted to nothing).

It was all worth it.

If I’ve learned anything worth passing along when it comes to creativity, it is this … The entire point of creativity, and life for that matter, is not about the finished result. It is, however, about about enjoying the entire process and experience of it. One “now” at a time.

The Bumble Bee in the photograph I took today wasn’t resting on that fence rail. He had perished there. There he was, a lone fallen bee in the middle of hay field. As my camera clicked away, I pondered as to how anonymous his life was or wasn’t.  I’m betting he had given his all — to his hive and to the meaning of his brief life. I plan on doing the same, flying for all I’m worth, for as long as I can in each moment of now.

Enjoy your journey from Point-A to Point-B, just like that Bumble Bee did — because he could.  Enjoy your journey from Point-A to Point-B because once you get to Point-B? You merely are at a new Point-A. The points don’t count. For me, that was the Bumble Bee’s whole point.



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One Comment on “Bumble Bee Point”

  1. 1 Wombat said at 9:31 am on August 9th, 2013:

    Lovely. And yes, your little Bri-Bri and I will be working on getting you a new camera. Might not be this holiday season, but hopefully by next tax return :) ILYT!