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There seems to be a trembling, a rumbling, through our collective consciousness. Relationships, on all levels — friendship, business, family — all seem to be going through a transformation. A cleansing throughout what I call the “Entity of We.”

The “Entity of We” is the combined energy, thoughts and emotions of any individuals. One-on-one, in a group, in a community, globally. Whenever we emit forth an emotion or thought with intent with another person, we are “feeding” a new entity, that of “we.” We are feeding “we’s” heart.

For some, this recent mass cleansing of “we” has been very painful. It has given cause for previously masked emotional fissures to be exposed — often at heart-wrenching expense — on a personal, community, country, and global levels . Betrayal, vicious words, rotten-to-the-core actions. So much pain.

This mass cleansing has even given cause for so many good people to ask if they should extend arms of friendship or trust anymore. Should they, in good faith, ever again take chances on people. Should they not start up new friendships, relationships, serve their communities or countries anymore. Should they absorb the pain from this recent cleansing as having never really knowing who else was involved, or even their own selves. Did they fail in trusting the wrong people.  Should they just give up and walk away, in pain.

May I offer … Whomever that “someone” is, that we interacted with, no matter the depth of the intimacy shared — they are someone that we did know and we would be well served to own it.

They are someone that we took a chance on; shared time with; shared of our own selves with. We took a chance, it worked out for whatever it was — an opportunity to share love, to grow as a person — for each person involved. You each shared in a lesson of, “we.” Give thanks for what it was. Release them in love, and then, move on.

You ask, “How can I release someone in love that just screwed me over?”

Some people are so emotionally trapped inside self-imposed emotional jails, they are socially stymied. They are often offered acceptance, compassion and trust — in good faith. Their negative self-imposed jail bars of fear, rejection, anger, ego … make for extended arms flailing through their jail bars, attempting to reach out to strength, acceptance, peace and unity that are offered them via interpersonal relationships, the entity of  “we.”

Yet, they too often never wake up enough to realize that they don’t need to flail — mistrust, mistreat others. They are so wounded that they don’t realize they can just walk right through their self-imposed jail bars and calmly, freely embrace what is being offered them via a healthy “we.”

When this happens, when someone cannot reach past their jail bars, we have an out of balance “Entity of We.” A wounded “Entity of We.” Sadly, often the jailed receiver is too wounded to be able to accept what the giver is freely giving — love and acceptance.

This doesn’t make the receiver a bad person, for not being able to accept what has been offered with good intent. Nor, does it make the giver to be a fool — for having offered anything with good intent. It only makes for each person moving through another lesson of “we.” Some can grow and heal through the negative, some are not ready to. For whatever reason, if they can’t? The imbalance is theirs to own then. Not the giver’s with good intent.

When we can come to this state of understanding, we are then able to summon objective compassion for them. Once we have arrived at objective compassion, we are then we are able to set them free, with love — love for them, for ourselves, and, for we.

And then, we move on — a bit wiser for the good, but still with an open heart.  We move on and continue to create “Entities of We.” We were put here to learn how to love one another through all things — good and bad.

In the end, what we all want is to love and, be loved in return. That is we.

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