Milk ‘n Cookies

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Relationships are kind of like sharing milk ‘n cookies together. In a healthy relationship we exchange good, yummy fresh cookies (our loving attention, time, energy, emotions). In an unhealthy relationship – we exchange stale, often downright mold-laden cookies (negativity, anger, sorrow, physical and/or emotional pain) — “negative cookies.”

But generally, when it comes to dealing with emotionally unbalanced people — they just want cookies, any kind of cookies, period. Even if they’re disgusting cookies (your anger, hurtful words, your negative attention, even physical abuse) — they’re still cookies to them, attention. So, they’ll continue in attempting to get you to interact with them — even if it’s all negative. They are often starved for attention/affection, but are missing how/why to go about getting attention/affection via a positive way. So, they seek out negative cookies.

When these ‘negative cookies’ attempt to rile us up, we need to ask ourselves … “Do I really want to be summoning up negative energy from my heart, mind, body, soul and my precious time … just to feed this person negative cookies?”

This “milk ‘n cookies” analogy holds especially true while in the depths of dealing with cancer — or any life threatening illness. This is a time to be ever vigilant about surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people.

If you’re finding yourself being put in the position of having to deal with other people’s “stuff” — their ‘negative cookies’? Recognize it for what it is, THEIR stuff. THEIR negative cookies. Let THEM eat their own cookies. If they can’t sort out their own cookies? Then move on. You’ve got enough “stuff” — cancer cookies — on your plate of life to deal with.

Right now you have one single solitary goal to stay focused upon … becoming a SURVIVOR! Refuse to allow anyone else’s “negative cookies” to detour you from your goal — standing up one day and proudly stating, “I am a survivor.”

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