Bubble Gum Hope

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Jaded Bubble Gum Hope. That’s where my state of mind is right now, in jaded bubble gum hope.

In exactly 45 minutes from now I will be hearing the results from the MRI done on my left knee this past Tuesday. After having had your boobs chopped off and going through the rigors of the reconstruction process? Your hope can get so jaded — You almost want to be chew’n ‘n pop’n bubble gum when the doctor acts all professional while rattling off the test results over a little knee to you.

Some bubble gum hope … I know that if the results show there is no tear in anything, I’ll have a tougher road to full recovery — because I’ll be on my own as to figure out how to get my knee free of constant excrutiating pain. I’ve got to be able to get back to regularly walking for exercise or my brain is going to explode. That, or I’ll end up ripping some “here is your sign” idiotsticks throat out. Soon.

Some more bubble gum hope … If the results show there is indeed a tear — it will mean yet another surgery done on my body.

But at least this chunk of bubble gum hope feels kinda good … I’ll be on the constructive road to regaining my mobility and more of my independence back. I’ll be released from the interference from constant pain that has gummed up my creativity flow and social life.

After all I’ve been through in the past 2-1/2 years with the breast cancer stuff? I can chew ‘n pop bubble gum hope ’cause this will feel like a slam dunk.

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