Love Blooming

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The Stargazer Lily that my ex-b/f bought and planted for me, a few years back, decided that today was the perfect day for it to finally bloom. It is his youngest daughter’s, my Ladybug’s, 9th birthday today.

The memories of her smiles, mischeviousness, strong will, joyful laughter, never-ending cartwheels, downright evil laughter, brattiness, deeply sentimental heart and her quietly telling me she wished I was her mom — somehow, eminated through the Stargazer Lily’s beauty and joy of saying hello to the world today … simply by blossoming open on her birthday.

You are always in my thoughts, my heart, my prayers and dreams. I pray that I planted enough seeds of goodness within your consciousness for you to become the vibrant, loving woman that has yet to fully blossom. I love you one grain of sand less than G*d loves you. Happy Birthday, My Ladybug.

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