Knees & Shins, Oh My!

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Although I had a blast Contra Dancing in April, my knees and shins since then haven’t. The week after the dance they were swollen and very painful. Since then, I’ve actively been torturing, I mean working on, doing physical therapy at home — so I can sit at the computer for more than 10-15 minutes at a stretch. This situation is the ONLY reason I haven’t been writing on the blog.

There is now a backlog of some good stories to share. My wordsmith soul is going a little stir-crazy. But, at least the physical therapy that my heart-sister, Sissy, has layed out for me to do is indeed, working.

She’s a licensed massage therapist and really knows her stuff. And, she’s evil enough that she gets a kick out of my calling her on the phone (after a grueling session of ice packs/walking/stretching/ice packs/heat packs/ice packs) and telling her that I hate her guts. She just laughs at me. The nerve of the woman!

So, until I can sit at the computer long enough to delve into a blog piece without my shins burning like they’re on fire and my knees stop screaming at me and feeling  like they’re full of sand … I’ll have to stay steady on my purposely slow and steady path of retraining my knees and shins to be “happy” ones.

Today my blessing, my moment of peace, is that I able to sit long enough to write for at least 10 minutes. I’m grabbing it and savoring it.

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