Universal Catalytic Windings

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For decades I have often joked, “I’m a walking, breathing catalyst.” And I am. I carry catalytic energy down to the very core of my being. But apparently two years ago, as of today, the Divine Intelligence, God, The Great Creator, the Universe … whatever you want to call It, felt that one of It’s corporeal catalysts needed a swift kick in the pants.

In the linear concept of time, today is just another day. But for me, today is the second year mark of hearing my doctor say, “You have carcinoma in situ. You have breast cancer.”

Some might consider marking this day as being a profound disruptive milestone in one’s life. I’ve come to see it as an anniversary of sorts — A catalytic type of anniversary.

Breast cancer has changed so many things in my life. Some of the changes were cause for deep heartaches. Some were a deepening of already known truths. And others were of new gifts, people and paths to meander along with in my life.

One of the most profound new gifts was that of discovering I’m a writer. If it hadn’t of been for my joking around on Facebook about my breast cancer; learning that people where sharing my raucous approach to cancer with their friends and loved ones; and then, being encouraged to start a blog — a latent innate gift might never have blossomed.

And, from that blossoming gift, I might have never wandered down a catalytic winding path towards a wonderful new group of people. People that are a part of a movement that combines fine-art, compassion, beauty and the celebration of surviving breast cancer. Via the Breast Cancer Photographer, I might never have come across the “Breast Cancer Body Painting Project” (BCBPP) that was founded by Michael D. Colanero.



Michael, who owns UNCOMMON Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, FL, said, “this whole project found me.” One single photograph, for a breast cancer survivor, was his catalyst for what is now a movement and a magazine  — SURVIVORS.

Their Facebook fan page is filled with messages of hope, strength and re-found beauty. After a few days of sitting back and reading these posts,  well, I had to chime in.  I was met with open arms.

Bamboo & Butterflies

Then one day Michael posted that he needed some more material for the upcoming quarterly magazine issue. He asked if any of us survivors would be willing to contribute an article.

After privately bracing Michael for what my bawdy attitude and unorthodox approach was to breast cancer, he still agreed to my submitting some material for him to look at. “He liked it! Hey, Mikey! He liked it!”

It is a humbling honor to be a cheerful pest on the magazine’s volunteer board. It is an even deeper honor to be enveloped in acceptance, humor and love by all of the volunteers. One in particular I instantly hit it off with, Ellen. She’s another fellow-force of nature to be reckoned with. And, it is beyond what words could ever express as to how deeply it moves my soul, to know that some day, somewhere on this planet, a woman will pick up an issue of the SURVIVOR magazine and find hope. From the beautiful photographs and the stories of women who have survived breast cancer. And maybe, just maybe, find themselves feeling inspired or chuckling over something I’ve written.

At this two year mark, I can unequivocally state that I have experienced far more positives from the catalytic journey of breast cancer than negatives.

By no means has breast cancer been a picnic in a daisy field. But, it has become an opportunity to live in distinguished honor. In honor of all the women before me who made it possible for my journey to have been walked through with compassion and dignity. This honor has become my duty to live life each day with a joyful heart, especially for those that lost their battle. I owe them that.

The perky “juvenile” new boobs are just an added catalytic bonus.


NOTE: This link SURVIVOR will allow you to download a free issue.

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