Technology Sabbatical

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As of last night, I began debating on whether or not to join one of my sisters in a week long sabbatical from the internet, television and reading — Starting March 1st to the 7th. It looks like I’ll be doing this particular fangdangle  ‘creative unblocking’ exercise with her.

I hope my gaming neighbors on Facebook will be understanding. If not, (shrugs like an overly tired New York City taxi cab driver) what can I do?

For 15 to 16 years I had in my possession the book, “The Artists Way” written by Julia Cameron. It’s a workbook for creative people. I would often browsed through it, but never actually did the workbook part. I never felt compelled to.

Last month I gifted the book to my kid heart-sister, Liberty Love. I included the book in a surprise TLC box. It truly was a delight to hear her over the phone squeal like a little girl as she tore apart the wrapping paper on various little diddy gifts.

Upon her unwrapping the book I had the moxi to emphatically state to her, “Write in the book! Do the book! Don’t have me having released this treasured book from my posession for nothing!”

Karma sure can bite, hard. Turns out one of the weekly assignments, to aid unblocking creativity, is to not read (other than bills) for a solid week. That means no computer, no internet, no television, no leisurely reading — for a whole week!


Me: Not read for a whole week? That’s insane! That’s impossible!

Liberty: It was YOUR book! You didn’t know this was an assignment?

Me: No! I never did the *#(#)@$ assignments! I just browsed through the dang thing!

Liberty: REALLY? For 16 something years?

Me: YES!


Other than guilt (which I rarely do), I can’t logically answer as to why I feel compelled to join her on this assignment.  But I am. One of my other heart-sisters, Cocopuffs, is contemplating attempting it too. (You should hear HER tantrums over this exercise!)

This particular exercise is about stripping away a layer of distractions that we tend to numb our creative selves out with. The theory behind it is that once you’ve gotten done with all the busy-work type things to occupy your new chunk of free time with — you’ll get down to business and start creating.

Our agreed upon translation of this exercise, due to advanced communication technology since the book was originally written, is the following: We will use technology at a bare-bone minimum. If you listen to music to numb out. Don’t listen to it. If you use it as a part of your creative process. Use it!

No full-blown conversations will be held via texting either. Other than for an emergency or to check in with mom/kid/spouse? Pick up the phone, drive over for a visit, sit down and talk face-to-face, have a real conversation.

Being that a large chunk of my creativity is via writing. I am allowed to write free-flowing, as in journaling. But, no structures type writing — as in my blog.

So, it looks like my getting to write about my plastic surgeon telling me I have to get tattooed AGAIN … Well, you’ll just have to wait a week. At least I’ll get to listen to music while I paint my brains out this coming week.

Blame Liberty Love!

I must admit though, even contemplating this assignment has felt worth it … The ‘ever gentle / pardon me for existing’ typical Cancerian Liberty did her best to speak with conviction that indeed I needed to join her on this assignment — basically a masked sisterly guilt jab.

Liberty: (insert here ‘best shot at sounding convincing’ sound track)

Me: That was really funny.

Liberty: What was?

Me: Hearing a Cancerian doing their best to sound authoritative.

Liberty: (insert here the two word reply you know she said to me)

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2 Comments on “Technology Sabbatical”

  1. 1 jayedee dewitt said at 1:41 pm on March 1st, 2012:

    *clamps her hand over her know-it-all virgo mouth* after realizing that sitting on her know-it-all virgo hands (to keep herself from typing) didn’t keep her from blowing raspberries

  2. 2 Chérie said at 11:04 am on March 27th, 2012:

    Perfect job, Jayedee! You are a credit to Virgoian perfection! lol