Tattoo and Birthday

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Late January: The “oreo” tattooing was, well, painful. Having a needled filled with dye jab in rapid succession into double sliced incision scar tissue is no fun. There’s just no way to get around that fact.

At least I relieved the tension of my pain during said procedure by telling Dr. S that I really, really wanted to punch him. He ignored me, even though I told him this several times. I’m not sure if he knew I wouldn’t actually deck his lights out — or — if he figured I’d hold off until after he was all done. Hence, why probably he shot out of the room as fast as lightening as soon as he was done? I’m guessing he’s not a gambling man.

Some might say that threatening the very doctor that so skillfully restored my physical femininity wasn’t very smart. Thank goodness he has an excellent sense of humor. The healing process into February went quite well.

February: The 4th has always been a special day for me, it’s the day that marks my first gulp of breath in this corporeal machine. It’s my birthday. But two years ago an extra layer of meaning was forever more gifted on this particular day. It was the day I was shown an x-ray of one of the greatest catalysts so far in my lifetime — my breast cancer.

Oddly enough, I spent the entire day alone amidst strangers. Alone, not lonely. I had a quiet blast. Recalling the day still brings smiles.

Late morning something told me to get on over to my favorite clothing shop, Uptown Consignment. In my head I saw a pair of black, round-toe cowboy boots. I figured the odds of finding a pair like that, in my size, that were comfortable on my sensitive feet, was about as likely as [insert comedic drum roll here] … Well, as likely as Mariah Carey not looking like a hoochie-mama on any given Sunday. Yeah, that unlikely.

But, what the heck, it was my birthday, something to do. Maybe the Birthday Fairy had something else just as wonderful in store for me. So, off I went to the consignment shop. Within 10 minutes of arrival I found a pair of boots exactly like what I saw in my head less than an hour before. I slipped them on. They fit perfectly! I mean perfectly!

I held my breath as I looked for the price tag … $38. While I was trying to decide if I could financially afford this birthday splurge, I ran into the friend who had turned me onto Uptown. I pointed to the boots, she said, “Oh, those are SO you, Chérie.” SOLD!

I jokingly asked the lady at the cash register if there was a discount for birthday girls. She said, “Sure. How about 10%?” Perfect answer!

I ran a few more errands and then remembered that Denny’s used to have a free birthday meal deal. I decided to head on over to one that has a most delightful waitress working there, Wendy. She is a hard working single mom, funny and personable with just a hint of a southern accent.

I told Wendy it was my birthday. She got the manager to let me have my usual — a veggie loaded omelet skillet, with extra veggies in lieu of the potatoes — for the birthday meal deal.

I felt so blessed as I sat and ate my omelet, watched the sun set and listened to people bustling around me. I reflected upon how this breast cancer journey has been a long, challenging, sometimes heartbreaking,  exhilarating, and often a  hilarious succession of life-lesson experiences. Odd gifts, but gifts in life none-the-less.

I decided to end my birthday with a caloric splurge. I ordered a vanilla, hot caramel with candied pecan sundae. Bless Wendy’s heart, she insisted it was her treat.

As I savored each gooey, sticky-sweet bite — I wondered if I should share what the deeper meaning of my quiet joy was all about to Wendy or not. I decided to keep it to myself. It felt like another gift, to have a wisp of mystery added to my persona.


Tattoo Update: Upon Dr. S’s closer inspection this past Tuesday … it looks like my first tattoo session didn’t take well. I’ll be getting yet another chance to threaten to punch him in early April. Oh joy!

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