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This year the NFL Super Bowl fell on the day after my birthday.  Since my Dad and I share the genetic predisposition for pragmatism — we decided to combine celebrating the two events.

Generous Dad's Gift

Being the organizational freaks that we both are, weeks in advance we had fun planning the menu for the “Stupid Bowl/Birthday Dindin” celebration. My Dad, and my ever-patient step-mom, put up with defrosting the behemoth of a turkey I had been gifted at Thanksgiving time. That sucker hogged about half of their refrigerator for several days while it thawed. We should have named the dang thing.

Oh wait, we sort of did — Sucker … “That sucker still hasn’t totally thawed yet?”  “Plop that sucker over here.” “Let me squish some more of the butter stuff into this sucker.” “Would you please hold the oven rack steady while I baste this sucker?” “Time to carve this sucker up!”

Dad and I love cooking together. Often when working with someone else in a kitchen, you can catch yourself fantasizing on exactly what you’d like to staple gun them to — the garage door, basement floor, or, better yet, a neighbor’s roof … preferably three streets over. But we work very well together. We truly enjoy ‘putting on the dog’ for company.

Basically, we get to be creative, act like twits (feign comedic control issued, egocentric chef meltdowns) and speak in various silly accents — all while munching on food together. Good chocolate mousse moments.

For this particular feast I made up a stick of “Cardamom Garlic Herbed Butter” for the turkey. The heavenly smelling infusion was generously squished under the turkey’s skin.  As the turkey baked, the seasoned butter slowly melted down onto the root vegetables nestled under it. Needless to say, the cardamom au-juice gravy, along with the chunky mashed potatoes; gingered carrots; fluffy huge biscuits; and a picturesque  salad, made for one sumptuous meal.

One last time ... Eat your heart out Liberty Love!

For my birthday cake I had asked my Dad to make our rendition of a Boston Creme Pie. Sliced butter yellow cake with a thick layer of chilled French vanilla pudding in between, all of which is drizzled over with a hearty helping of warm ganache.

But by far the best birthday food item at the “Stupid Bowl/Birthday Dindin” was the birthday gift from my Dad. Since my childhood, he and I have shared a mutual love for a soy-based hotdog called, “Big Franks.” They normally come 12 to a can. My Dad went all out … he got me an institutionalized sized can of 30!

With no electric can opener, it was one heck of a feat getting that huge can opened! My freezer is now stuffed with plenty of Big Franks. I’m one happy kid.

A week later my dear friend, Sharleen, cooked me up a belated comfort food birthday dinner. Everything was great, but her sautéed onions and mushrooms, per usual, were delicious! I could have sat there and ate a plate full of just those! Our tummies were blessed with slices of her always excellent Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

My kid heart-sister, Liberty Love, complained that she never gets to eat Pineapple Upside Down Cake because nobody else in her family likes it. So of course, I had to email her a picture of my cake! I promised her though that we would bake up one when we finally get to cry in person together. (Crying, she’ll have started it. It’s a Cancerian thing.)

All in all, celebrating another year of life this year with my loved ones was full of good foodie silliness. Yumville!

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