Your Inner-Hum Song

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Cancer Girl does one last swipe with the mascara wand on her eyelashes. She takes a step back, looks at herself — dead in the eye — and smiles. Then she commences to burst out in song. She rocks it out to the song that’s blasting on the stereo. It’s the song she mostly picks to hear humming in her head as she struts through life.


This particular article has been brewing in my head for several weeks now. I’ve had full intention of writing it, but as per usual, other “stuff” kept springing up in my daily life and interrupting my creative flow time — until this morning. I made myself have the time, in spite of numerous interruptions. I’ve been meaning to write about my inner-hum song.

Charla Krupp

This morning, Billy Boy, my cat, allowed me the luxury of lollygagging in bed for a few minutes to watch the morning news before getting His Majesty’s kingdom set up for the day.

A news anchor announced that author-commentator Charla Krupps lost her second battle with breast cancer. I had always enjoyed her practical advice on fashion and her natural exuberance.

She had gone the traditional route of a lumpectomy and radiation therapy her first time. A few years later the cancer returned and this time it had metastasized. At only 58 years old she passed away at home on Monday.

I found myself laying there, with quiet tears trickling down the sides of my face. At first, for her family’s loss of a loved one to the wretched disease — and then, for myself — with deep gratitude for training myself to have an extra dose of moxie.

As the soft tears of gratitude flowed I found myself smiling and mostly giving thanks for having had the pragmatic courage to just say, “Take them both.” And that’s when the original message of this particular article really, really hit me — as to it’s significance.

Because you see, in that moment of gratitude, I heard my inner-hum song blasting off in my head, as it has done throughout decades, especially so while going through my journey of breast cancer.

My inner-hum song is probably a key component as to what makes for my feeling confident, strong and happy in the midst of most  ‘doo-doo hitting the fan of life’ episodes.

I would venture to guess that I’m not the only one who walks around with a song playing in their head. And, if most people do not walk around with their own personal theme music playing in their head too? Well, for my base-line of sanity, I’m going to imagine that most of you do.

Twenty-something years ago, I learned to pay attention to what my inner voice was mumbling. I listened to what my random thoughts were. What I uttered after an “I am …” statement — as well as other people’s too.

Needless to say, I was shocked as to how much negativity was freely flowing all over the place. Especially when it came to the negative prattle going on inside of my head.

This was when I purposely chose a kick-butt blues song — John Lee Hooker’s “Boom Boom Boom” — to make as my inner-hum song to listen to. A simple, fun way to get my inner voice to learn a new dialogue … a positive dialogue. The trick with this particular song though is, I don’t hear the song in my head as if a man is singing it to me — I hear ME singing it to ME.

To get the full pump-you-up blast affect of Big Head Todd and the Monsters‘ rendition this song? I strongly suggest you crank up your sound system … and, be prepared to find yourself jiving along to the infectious drive of the rhythm. His guitar solo screams!

Big Head Todd & The Monsters, live at Red Rocks Amphitheater, June 7th, 2008


Might I offer an idea … that you take the time to find your own inner-hum song? Retrain your inner voice to step away from negative prattle by humming a song that kicks up the positive?.Rock on, Baby Cakes!


Cancer Girl steps out into the day. The world hustles and bustles about while she happily struts along to the beat of her inner-hum song.

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