A Beautiful Bald Barbie Shout-Out

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Cancer Girl jumps up onto the picnic table in one Super Heroine leap.

She pulls a gardening glove out of her jean’s back pocket, starts waving it in a cirlce above her head.
Hey, y’all! Listen up! 


Before getting down to the brass tacks of this blog’s usual smartassery … yes, smartassery is a real word — at least amongst the people in my Village it is … I’d like to give a cancer networking shout-out.

bald doll cancer supportFor a couple of weeks now on Facebook people have been posting various pictures of bald dolls — in support of young women and girls going through cancer.

My immediate response was, “I don’t like this, I love this!”

What a wonderful way to help young girls feel more comfortable about their self image while enduring the ravages of chemotherapy.

While I was munching on a killer-diller salad for lunch today a local TV news item caught my eye. It was about a fan club page on Facebook … yup, get ready, a fan page to raise awareness for a toy manufacturer to mass produce a Beautiful Bald Barbie.

Of course I clicked the “Like” button, twice! Once on my personal account and then again on L’idiot Blog’s Facebook fan club page. The more the merrier!

Hey, if a fan page can successfully pleaded for SNL to have Betty White host a show — why not use the same vehicle to do some good for young cancer warriors?

Why not? Right?

So, how about doing something that women tend to do best … network. Thank you in advance for going to Beautiful Bald Barbie’s fan club page and clicking the “Like” button. (While you’re at it, how about clicking L’idiot Blog’s fan club page too? <wink, wink>)

Super duper! Thanks!


Cancer Girl goes to leap off of the picnic table, loses her balance & squarely falls onto a picnic basket. She licks her thumb and says, “Good thing I look great in PB&J!”


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2 Comments on “A Beautiful Bald Barbie Shout-Out”

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