Technical Difficulties

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     No, I have not evaporated deep into the woods somewhere … living in a Unibomber-like cabin. Digging in the dirt for grubs to eat, making myself a bed out of pine needles and ferns.  Smearing bear fat all over my body to thwart off mosquitoes and various other biting bugs. Nor falling over while doing my best to mark my territory by peeing on the forest’s indigenous trees.

Hey, I’d like to see YOU try and pee while standing up!

Unfortunately, neither have I absconded off to some exotic beach … drooling while frolicking with male Samoan dancers. Or, admiring the pearlescent glow of a full moon on my naked body as I run up and down the midnight shoreline like a Raccaroonie.

No. I’ve been denied any type of fanciful escapism scenarios.

Why haven’t I been posting? What have I been doing?

Well, I’ve been fretting, cursing, whining and just about ready to seek out explosives on the black market … so I can blow up the word-processing program that the new website uses.

So, until my kid heart sister, LL Cool Kid, can figure out what went wrong after we updated to the newest word-processing version for the web site, as to why it’s nearly impossible to plunk in pictures, why paragraph styles aren’t functioning properly (without nearly having to run around the barn backwards three times to get a simple paragraph indent to work anymore, which USED to work just fine before the update [which is why for now there is a hard return between paragraphs, which I hate the look of]) … for the sake of my sanity, I’ll be on creative hold.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon though. I’ve got quite a few blog pieces rattling around in my head. I have GOT to get them out!

So, so, [that's a 'double so'] until such time? Find a blessing a day in your life, it’s there. And, if you haven’t schedule a mammogram for 2012 yet?
!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST  FREAK’N  DO  IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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