Magical Wavelength (Part Two)

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Link to “Magical Wavelength” Part One
    Cancer Girl took in a deep breath as she slipped on her boots. She walked over to her two faithful candles and said, “A promise is a promise. Right?” They both gently nodded in agreement. She grabbed her leather tug-of-war gloves, tucked them into her back pocket and headed on down to the shimmering turquoise lake to meet up with the brat, her creative muse, Bugs Bunny.

    There he was. Her creative muse was lazily dangling in a hammock from a tree at the edge of the lake. “Ehh … what’s up, CG?” She shrugged her shoulders, as to say, “not much.”
    Bugs snapped his fingers and another hammock popped into existence. He wiggled his carrot towards it. “Go ahead, have a seat, Chicky.” Cancer Girl plunked herself into the hammock. He said, “Kick off your boots why don’t cha. Such a bee-u-tee-ful day today, aye?” As she kicked off her boots he leaned towards her and whispered, “Hey, it ain’t rabbit hunt’n season ’round here right now is it?”
    She laughed as she pulled her socks off too, which was a bit of a feat being that the hammock swung wildly with any movement she made. “I should tell you yes, just so you’ll be less likely to annoy me so much. But no, it isn’t rabbit hunting season here. Elmer Fudd and all his buddies have to check their shooters in at this particular Queen’s Root’n Toot’n Sheriff’s office.”
    Bugs leaned back in his hammock and sighed an evil little sigh of relief. Cancer Girl said, “But, Bugs. That does NOT mean you get to harass Elmer with free abandonment when he’s visiting here.” Bugs took a bite of his carrot, chomped on it for a few chews, raised an eyebrow and said, “You’re such a spoiled sport!”
    Then Bugs pointed his carrot to a spot above their heads. Resting on the huge branch on a tree next to them was a massive coil of thick rope. He said, “Okay, CG. Are you finally gonna spill your guts and spit out what’s been bug’n ya?” He paused, wiggled his eyebrows and then flexed his biceps, “Or, do we have yet another round of creative tug-of-war and work on my babe magnet muscles today?”
    Cancer Girl pulled the leather gloves out of her back pocket and threw them at Bugs. “No. No more creative tug-of-war with you. Too late anyways. I see that the magical nerd transcribed Part One onto my blog already.”
    Bugs played with the leather gloves like they were prized spoils of war as he said, “Yeah, them magical nerds are like that. Now get on with it, Chicky. Blab it out already.”
    Cancer Girl rolled over onto her side and nice pillow popped forth under her head. “Bugs, I’ve been trying to figure out how to put into words the dark things I’ve witnessed in my life the past couple of months. The best that I can articulate it is like this,” she paused because Bugs had flipped her a quarter. He said, “for your 25 cent word there, articulate. But, go on.”

    She asked, “Do I get a buck for exponential? Anyway, what I was starting to say is … Imagine that each of us are like a rock crystal, a prism. And, that life is like a specific wavelength of light that shines through us. Because of our different life experiences, our triumphs, our trials, our unhealed wounds — we each have our own distinct flaw lines inside of our rock crystals. As the wavelength of life’s light shines through us, the spectrum of colors shine out of us in different hues of colors and in different patterns.”
    Bugs scratched his head and said, “Okay. I can dig that analogy. But why would that be worth two months of playing creative tug-of-war with me? That ain’t worth gumming up your creative pipes over. Hey, I’m thirsty, are you?”
    Suddenly Bugs was on high alert, he looked up into a nearby tree and yelped. “What the heck is THAT? Holy spinning fur, CG! That’s the Tasmanian Devil! Hanging upside down in the tree!”
    Cancer Girl laughed, “No, that’s not THE Tas, that’s his cousin, Cocopuffs. You asked for a drink didn’t you? Tell her what you’d like to drink. But whatever you do? Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT ask her for tequila. You’ll never get any of it and you’ll live to relish AND regret that she DID.”
    Bugs looked puzzled, “That’s a girl?” Cancer Girl shook her head yes and said, “I can’t get her to wear a bow for nothing. But she’s the best loophole finder in the world. You need a loophole, for anything? She’ll find it for you. Crafty little imp she is.”
    Cocopuffs impatiently swayed back and forth in the tree. Bugs couldn’t seem to takes his eyes off of her let alone utter what he wanted to drink. Cancer Girl asked for two iced teas and in a flash Cocopuffs came spinning back with two iced teas on a tray.
    Bugs blinked a few times and said, “She didn’t spill a drop? How did she do that? Not a drop!”
    In a sultry voice Cocopuffs answered, “It’s a Tas thing. Like my cousin always says, “Skill and ability, Baby. Skill and ability.”” Then she leaned towards Cancer Girl, whispered something into her ear and spun off in a whirlwind down towards the beach.
    Cancer Girl took a sip of her tea, “As I was saying. Going further with this wavelength light stuff. Carcinoma seems like it is it’s own specific wavelength of light. When it latches onto us it seems to cause for some very unexpected hues and patterns to shine out into our lives.”

    “Some are the most beautiful hues and patterns than we could have ever expected to see — from within ourselves and from others around us. Compassion, patience, support and humor from our loved ones. Even from strangers, the people who work in the various medical fields to fight the disease. But some of the most beautiful colors and patterns to see that cancer shines light upon are the ones when your loved ones work through their own personal issues in order to be there for you. It is so breathtakingly beautiful to witness.”
    Bugs unfolded his arms behind his head and rolled over on his side, looking Cancer Girl directly in her eyes. His own eyes softened as he saw her facial expressions change from wonder and enchantment that only untold beauty could emote, to that of disappointment and pain. He took a sip of his tea and patiently waited for her to continue.
    She took in a deep breath, “And then there’s the ugly hues and patterns to witness, Bugs. The Carcinoma wavelength of light is one of stark truth. It has no mercy. You see, it also shines light onto ugly things. People’s shortcomings that they just can’t seem to work through. Betrayal and disappointment.”
    Bugs gave her an understanding nod. He said, “Ah, so THIS is what you wanted to gloss over.”
    She shook her head yes and continued, “But Ms. Loophole Finder a.k.a. Cocopuffs, and, that annoying Fire Rooster are both right.” Bugs asked her, “How so?” She went on, “They both pointed out that I not only had to write about this part  because I made an agreement with The Powers That Be when I agreed to write this blog. But, that also my sharing this could possibly prepare another Carcinoma Warrior later on down the line some day, that the ugly light does happen and not to lose their focus of survival mode over it all.”
    Cancer Girl took in another deep breath, “You see, people who have hugged and kissed me hello for years. Who have hugged me tight, told me they loved me again and again. Well, it turns out that behind my back, in the midst of my cancer battle, they were telling people stuff like … that I didn’t really have cancer because the one spot of cancer that was spotted was benign. Then they told people, while still smiling in my face and telling me they loved me and how brave I was for facing cancer head on, behind my back that I was going too far with doing a bilateral mastectomy. Even though I shared with them my family tree breast cancer findings, that nearly every female on my maternal side of the family has had breast cancer. They even went as far to tell people that my humor and openness about my journey through breast cancer, even after finding out that my other breast I sacrificed DID indeed have cancer in it too, that I was just milking my cancer for attention.”
    Bugs gasped, “No way? This was a close friend of yours?” She answered, “Yes, for years and years.”
    He shook his head in disbelief. Cancer Girl wrangled her way onto the edge of the hammock. She sat there, slowly swinging as she continued. “If that wasn’t bad enough, Bugs. I’ve also had friends not bother to answer their phone or call me back, for months at at time. Understand please, I don’t expect that just because I have cancer that people should race to the phone just because the ‘cancer chick’ called.”
    She took a long sip of her iced tea, “But, if you profess to be a true friend of mine? I believe you should at least check in after a few days if I’ve called you. Especially if I’ve left you different messages via our vast array of technology these days. And, doubly especially if you’ve read or heard other people commenting on my Facebook wall that I’ve been physically having a rough time of it lately. I believe a true friend would FIND the time to contact you and see if you’re okay. Not just leave you the choice to have to either chase after them or sit there in silence until they get around to contacting you.”
    Cancer Girl stood up and stretched. “My Honey says these type of people are just “friends of convenience” — meaning they’re your friend when it’s to THEIR convenience. He’s right. He’s right.”

    “Let’s take a stroll on the beach, Bugs, while I finish this up. I want it done and over with.” They both headed toward the lake’s shoreline. She went on, “I haven’t cried over any of this mind you. I’m in survival mode. I stated to my village from the very beginning that I have to do what is best for my survival throughout this journey. Your schtick is just that, YOUR schtick. I’ll do my best to be considerate towards everyone in my village. But, I don’t have the spare energy to dally around wading through somebody’s elses “stuff.” I realize now that the carcinoma wavelength of light that is shining through my life right now is just putting their inner prism flaws into the spotlight. I can’t cry over them shining out ugly colors and patterns because I have cancer. The ugliness is theirs to own up to. I’m blessed that they were in my life for a time, I will honor that by releasing them with love. I’ve forgiven them and I’ve moved on. I have no other choice, I’m still in survival mode.”
    A phone popped up out of nowhere, Bugs answered it, mumbled a lot of “yups”, hungs it up and then the phone disappeared. “Well, CG? The Powers That Be just said you’re all done with this particular assignment. You’ve left behind wise words that may well help someone face their own relationship disappointments while going through cancer someday. You’ve fulfilled your promise, Chicky.” Cancer Girl sighed a huge sigh of relief.
    Impatiently tapping his huge foot Bugs said, “We can have our feast now! I waited until tomorrow, which is of course today but that’s beside the point. Where’s my bushel of veggies you promised me for waiting, CG? Huh? Huh?”

    Cancer Girl snapped her fingers and bushel of various lush vegetables and fruits appeared. Bugs went to hug the basket when he let out a yelp because something had tapped him on his shoulder. He jumped and said, “YIKES! What is with that chick?”
    Cocopuffs had snuck up behind them with a tray full of tequila shots. She looked up at Bugs and batted her long eyelashes at him.
    Cancer Girl waved her hands as in “no thanks” to Cocopuff’s offer of tequila. She turned and started her walk back to the castle. Looking back at the two party animals she said, “You’re on your own with her Bugs. I’ve got a Fire Rooster to wrangle. Good luck to you and the Mets though!”
    Bugs downed a shot of tequila with Cocopuffs and then shouted, “Hey, CG? What did this imp whisper to you earlier?” Cancer Girl pointed to Cocopuffs and shouted back, “A loophole. Ask her!”
    Cocopuffs batted her long eyelashes and in her usual sultry imp tone replied, “Even Idiotsticks have a place in this world.” Then she smiled a huge toothy grin and said, “Mainly ’cause it’s illegal to kill ‘em.”

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