Magical Wavelength (Part One)

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    Cancer Girl slammed the bedroom door behind her and then plunked herself down onto the tuffet in front of the Magic Mirror. She pulled the leather gloves off of her hands and threw the gloves onto the vanity. After propping her elbows onto the vanity and cradling her chin in her palms, she sighed.
    Looking down at the glowing candles she rambled to them, “It should be my choice! Why should I have to endure this drawn out tug-of-war? If I don’t want to write about it, why do I “have” to?” The candles nodded back to her in agreement.
    She folded her arms across her new breasts, leaned in towards the candles and defiantly said, “I hope tomorrow that brat falls flat on his face into the mud!” The candles looked at each other with a “we better agree with her” look, and then began to vigorously nod back in agreement. So vigorously so, that wax splattered onto the vanity top and onto the Magic Mirror.
    The candles gasped, Cancer Girl looked up at the mirror and started trying to pick some of the fresh wax off of it. “So sorry, Magic Mirror!”

    A deep baritone grumbling voice rolled out of the mirror as a stern, shadowy face of an old man appeared in it. The taller candle looked up and whispered, “Uh oh. We’re all in trouble now!”
    Cancer Girl looked directly into the mirror and said, “Mirror mirror on the wall please excuse the splatters of wax along with my whining and all.”
    The Magic Mirror cleared his throat, and with an obviously annoyed tone said, “Cancer Girl, Cancer Girl, our beloved CG, why don’t you just write it and thusly then let all of us magical creatures in peace be?”
    The shorter candle did its best to stand up taller and then squeaked, “Yeah! What he just said, CG!” The taller candle chimed in, “We keep getting into trouble from our agreeing wax splatter!”
    Cancer Girl looked down at her two faithful candles, fighting back tears she looked back into the mirror and said, “Mirror Mirror on the wall, why must I tell this dark part of my cancer journey at all?” Fiddling with her gloves she continued on, “I wanted to write mostly of what is funny. Not this phase that’s been anything but sunny.”
    Magic Mirror understandingly nodded his head. He paused for a moment and then began to answer, “Betrayal and disappointment are dark indeed. But you made an agreement to write, and this part of your tale may later help someone else in need.” As he continued on his voice began to warble and his face began to distort into vertical wiggly lines. “So, my lovely CG you … ACHOO!!!”
    Magic Mirror’s face was now totally shoved to the left side and his voice sounded like a gasping soprano. “Oh brother, I must say … ACHOO! The brat is on his way!”
    Cancer Girl’s face turned a shade of unhappy red as she rolled her eyes and Magic Mirror let out another huge sneeze, rattling all the perfume bottles and the candles too.
   The candles, Magic Mirror and Cancer Girl all groaned in unison, “Bugs Bunny.”
    Bugs Bunny popped half way out of the mirror and said, “Ehh … What’s up, CG? Miss me?”
    Cancer Girl snapped her reply, “No!”
    Bugs, undaunted, crawled the rest of the way out of the mirror and chuckled. “What? You’d rather sit here and rhyme all day with that old geezer than play creative tug-of-war or yap with me?”
    Magic Mirror fought off another huge sneeze. He regained his booming baritone voice, “Would you please take that brat to the other side of the room, while you two squabble over your creative doom? He does this on purpose you know. He refuses to use a door. Makes me dislike him all the more!”
    Glaring at Bugs the mirror continued, “I swear you have the worst entrance habits! You know full well I’m allergic to rabbits! You do this on purpose you brat! I should get the Wicked Witch to turn you into a rat!”
    Bugs chuckled as he sauntered across the room to a bay window. Munching on his carrot he patted a fluffy pillow, gesturing for Cancer Girl to sit down and join him. “Look, Chicky. We’ve been playing creative tug-of-war for almost two months now.” He stopped munching on his carrot long enough to flex his arm muscles, “I’m getting a great work out. Babe magnet muscles if you ask me.”
    Cancer Girl start to speak but Bugs interrupted  her, “I’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. Blah, blah, blah. You’d rather just write about the funny stuff.” He leaned back, admiring his large feet, “But Old Geezer over there is right. You made an agreement to write about your journey. The Powers That Be say that means you gotta write about it all. All of it. I can’t stop pestering the living snot outta ya until you do. So write it already! I’ve got a rabbit hunter to drive crazy.”
    Cancer Girl slouched up against the bay window, staring out onto a turquoise shimmering lake she asked, “Can I just tell you, now, and then be done with it?”
    Bugs reached under a pillow and pulled out a phone, “Hold on, let me ask The Powers That Be.”

    As Bugs mumbled into the phone a large rooster with long flowing blue tail feathers streaked across the room. It suddenly stopped, flapped it’s wings, which then burst into flames, and squawked, “Did you write it yet? Did you write it yet?”
    Cancer Girl threw a couple of pillows at the blue tailed rooster, “Don’t tempt me to manifest some BBQ sauce on you!” The rooster dodged the pillows, flapped it’s flaming wings some more, laughed and then streaked out of the room.
    Bugs hung up the phone and watched it as it waddled it’s way back under a pillow. “I see your Fire Rooster buddy still loves ya. Okay, the Big Kahuna upstairs says you can tell me and it’ll count. But, you will agree to some magical nerd transcribing it all onto your blog. How’s that?”
    Cancer Girl mulled it over and then nodded in agreement. “That sounds fair. Heaven knows, I’m tired of hearing and seeing the Creative Force in the form of you, Bugs Bunny. I’m tired of hearing what needs to be said when I’m taking a shower or attempting to fall asleep. My creative tug-of-war over the past two months with you has not only blocked all of my other creative outlets, it’s plumb worn me out.” She sighed, “Just let me rest for one night and then tomorrow I’ll throw in my gloves and tell you what’s been bothering  me — a dark chapter in my journey. Tomorrow. Okay?”
    Bugs strummed his fingers on the bay window as he mulled over her proposal. “Ehh … Okay, CG. Throw in a bushel of fresh veggies and you’ve got a deal. See ya tomorrow.”
    He started to walk towards the Magic Mirror. Cancer Girl quickly got up and escorted him towards the bedroom door. The mirror sighed a sigh of relief.
    Suddenly the Fire Rooster shot by Bugs and Cancer Girl, running full throttle into the room. It flapped it’s flaming wings and squawked, “Did you write it yet? Did you write it yet?” Then the Fire Rooster did a 360º turn and ran back out of the room as quickly as it had run in.
    Bugs asked, “BBQ sauce, sweet ‘n spicy?” Cancer Girl grinned and nodded yes.
    Bugs chuckled, “Sure thing, CG. When you’re all done tomorrow we’ll have a feast. I’ll get my bushel of veggies and you’ll finally get to grill that dang bird.”
… To Be Continued … Link to “Magical Wavelength” (Part Two)

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