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    Acronyms. They have become so common place now, that they are a part of our everyday vernacular.
    I’m curious as to if other families, loved ones and friends have their own little private set of acronyms like I do with mine. Some of mine go all the ways back to my childhood.

Someone didn’t think this one through too well?

    DYRC = Do Your Regular Chores. A list of various different household chores I had to do as my part of the household functioning smoothly with two full-time working parents. One of which, my dad, was also a full-time student for many years of my childhood.
    HBBBB = Hadi Bye-Bye Big Boy. Or, HBBBG = Hadi Bye-Bye Big Girl. (You pronounce Hadi like we say the name Heidi. Hadi is Turkish slang for an immediate type of “right now!”) While I was a toddler my dad was stationed in the Air Force in Turkey. We only lived there for a few years. I have but a few flashes of memories from that time. My dad said that some of the local kids would sometimes come and try to reach through our fence and take my toys. One of our neighbors, an elderly man, would sternly bark at the kids to go away. He’d say, Hadi Get! My dad and I still often end our phone conversations with these particular acronyms.
    MTMD has two possible meanings. Much To My Delight — or — Much To My Dismay. Once, years ago, after Keith did some typical guy offense (more than likely he had broken the sound barrier with a belch or had stinkedly “passed gas”) he said with exaggerated sweetness, “But I looooove you, Honey!!!” I quickly retorted, “Yeah, much to my dismay.” After he finally stopped laughing he replied, “No, you really meant, much to my delight!”
    Since then, MTMD’s meaning usually depends upon how playfully annoyed we are with one another when we retort to the offender’s “But I looooove you!”

Chinese symbol for love.

    But one particular personal acronym keeps running through my mind today, one day before my permanent implant surgery is to take place. ILYT.
    ILYT = I Love You Today. This acronym is often how conversations in IM’s or text messages begin or end with my loved ones. My soul will always love you for an eternity. But since there is no guarantee of a corporeal tomorrow, all I can ever guarantee you is that I love you today.
    Early tomorrow morning my mastectomy scars will be cut upon again. Then my temporary implants and the saline injection ports will be removed and my permanent implants will be slid in under my chest wall muscles in their place.
    The rock hard temp-implants and over-sensitized ports have made restorative sleep near to impossible the last couple of months. Ain’t gonna sugar coat it — I’m one tired buck-uh-rooster. So tired, my voice has had a weary cragginess to it for the past month now. Yet, I can’t complain too much. I was spared the side effects from radiation therapy. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt now, my body wouldn’t have made it through radiation therapy. My medical team and I made the right choice with doing a bilateral mastectomy and breast reconstruction.
    By tomorrow afternoon I’ll finally know what size my 20 year old looking tatas will be! And, by tomorrow afternoon maybe I’ll finally get to get back to getting some decent sleep again — so I can reclaim my ole piss ‘n vinegar self and start writing about the funny stuff that’s gone on the past couple of months.
    A special shout-out to you, Cohort! You are far braver and stronger than you give yourself credit for. For going through chemotherapy with grace, strength and dignity. I admire you for that! You have been a huge inspiration to me in this last weary month. Thank you. [insert huge hug here]
    And to all my loved ones, my village … I can’t thank you enough for all of your love, humor, phone calls, cards, silly IM’s, helpfulness, prayers and support. It goes without saying … ILYT.

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3 Comments on “Meaningful Acronyms”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 2:48 am on July 5th, 2011:

    My Dear Friend and Cohort: Thank you for all of YOUR encouragement through this very rough time in my life. You have always seem to make me laugh at the PERFECT times. I hope you will understand how much I have needed that over the last yr and half. To go through what both of us have been through with this devil they call cancer, has been so life changing. I appreciate life so much more. I also appreciate special friends and family so much more. I will always have you and Bon Bon tucked away in a special prayer every night. Even though we have never laid eyes on each other besides a pic on a profile, you "ladies" are at the top of the list of special people in my life right behind my family. I love ya, and I am always here when ever you need to talk or just laugh with. Thanks again for thinking of me!

  2. 2 Chérie said at 4:18 pm on July 6th, 2011:

    [smacks Cohort} Oh sure!!! Make me cry!!! lol
    I'm so glad my zig-zag way of looking at life has helped lift your spirits, Cohort … Now I HAVE to admit to Shelly that she was right, as to why this blog needed to be written. [Like I'm never, EVER gonna hear the end of THAT one from her.]
    And, hey!!! What's up with "ladies" being in quotes????? Wenches can be ladies too ya know! =;>

  3. 3 Anonymous said at 4:36 pm on July 6th, 2011:

    ROFLMAO……See there ya go again……got me laughing my ass off.. The reason I put "Ladies", is to specify you and Bonnie. I consider yall to be special "Ladies, or wenches"….. or in my case at times…just a down right BITCH!!! You have given me comfort and strength in more ways than you can imagine. I will never forget you and Bonnie giving me that extra push I have needed. Thanks with all my heart. Tinatott