Flashing Applause

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Pooky running away from me.

    New England is getting pounded by yet another huge snowstorm — today and tomorrow. It literally seems like every other day the maintenance crew at my apartment complex is having to disperse copious amounts of snow. Our head maintenance man, to say the very least, is beyond sick of it. Over the years that I’ve lived here we’ve become good buddies, we jokingly call each other “Pooky.”
    Back story first … in his teens, Pooky’s mother lost her battle to breast cancer. Pooky’s the pesky little brother I never got to have. He’s been very supportive through my cancer journey. He’s kept close tabs on me, often stopping to ask how I’m doing, asking if I need help with anything until Keith comes for a weekend visit. We joke around a lot and I don’t ever stand a lick of a chance when he and Keith gang up together on me.

Looking through my storm door.

    Today, while Pooky was shoveling snow around my front door, he chatted with me for a bit. With my storm door ajar he asked how I was doing. He did his best to feign trying to read what my Tinker Bell sweatshirt read. I knew what he was really doing, so, I quickly quipped, “Oh you know darn well you don’t care what my sweatshirt says. You just really wanna see how much bigger my boobs have gotten.” He grinned a grin that said, “You caught me.” So, I proceeded to lift my sweatshirt up and flash him my camisole covered ever expanding boobs.
    He laughed and gave a “looking good” approval nod. We were both snapped out of our private joking moment when we heard loud applause coming from our far left. We turned to see one of the hired guys who’s been helping out this winter with all the snow. The guy was all bundled up, covered in about a half inch worth’s of snow all over him, the snowblower’s roaring away as he stood there laughing and clapping.
    Pookey turned back to me and proceeded to do a Cartman style, “Ah ha! You got caught, Lady!” laugh … Yes, I blushed.
    About 15 minutes later the snowerblowing applauder passed by my front window and waved, still laughing. I poked my head out the front door and offered him a cup of coffee. As he thankfully gulped down the hot relief he told me, “Pooky told me what was up, what you’re going through.”

My car just before it’s dug out.

    With relief, I told him, “Oh good! I had no idea you were standing there. Thank goodness Pookey explained.” As he was about to put the coffee mug to his lips and take another sip of coffee I continued, ” I didn’t want you thinking I was a snowblower flasher slut.”
    With great comedic timing he paused, pulled the mug away from his mouth, handed it back to me and said, “Drats. Forget the coffee then.”
    We both cracked up and then with a respectful tone he said, “I know what you’re going through. I have a relative who’s gone through it. Glad to see you’re handling it with such good spirits.”
    He finished his cup of coffee, we waved goodbye to each other with a smile. My smile was peppered with, “thanks for the good laugh.” For some odd reason I don’t think that’s what his smile was peppered with.
    This was all your fault, Pooky!!! = ; >

(All the posted pictures are from TWO snow storms ago — NOT the snow storm we’re getting today.)

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  1. 1 jayedee said at 7:24 pm on February 4th, 2011:

    happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu *insert the sound of mirrors shattering* happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu *children run crying to their mothers*