Dad’s Editing Job

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This is nearly close to the conversation I had with my Dad the day after posting the “Hot Fudge Sundae”  piece.

[phone rings, caller ID shows it's my Dad]
Dad: Chérieeeeeeeeee!!!!
Me: Daaaaaaaad!!!

[we each speak in a fast paced, long run-on sentence, in near monotone with no breath taken for extra dramatic effect voice]

Dad: I liked the Hot Fudge Sundae blog but you screwed up MY punchliiiiiine!

Me: How soooooooo?

Dad: You shouldn’t have used transsexual, you should have said transvestite. It sounds funnierrrrrrr.

Me: But that’s what you said to me when we were eatiiiiiiiing.

Dad: Whateverrrrrrrr. You need to change iiiiiit.

Me: Whateverrrrrrrrr. I’ll do that as soon as I get a chaaaaaance.

[we change to a haughty, know-it-all, superior than you tone]
Dad: Okay. Hi-dee bye bye, Big Girl.

Me: Okay. Hi-dee bye bye, Big Boy.

[both phones click as we each hang up ... end scene]

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