Nope Not At All

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    Quietness. It’s an unusual state of mind for my brain and spirit to be in for any lengthy stretch of time. Yet, that’s exactly where I have seemed to be at for the past month or so. At times even hearing the tick-tock of my kitchen clock has felt intrusive.
    And the whole process of writing has felt like it would become too noisy within my head to bear. I’ve barely even posted any of my usual wisecracks on Facebook.
    Am I depressed? Nope, not at all.
    I’m in good spirits, plugging along, doing my best to leave a trail of giggles as my new boobs ever so steadily expand in cup size.
    But, I’ve been ‘hearing’ this particular blog in my head for a couple of nights now. So, I guess if I want some peace while trying to fall asleep, I need to push myself and write. Apparently my need to write is stronger than my craving for quietness.
    Did facing down cancer make for my holidays to be any sweeter? Nope, not at all.
    I’ve always loved what is for me, the true spirit of Christmas … getting to be with my loved ones. I did just that too. Keith, the girls and I had a lovely time at his family’s Christmas dinner. Then we had total blast spending Christmas night swimming in a nice hotel’s heated pool. And for once he nor I had to clean up the dishes after a huge breakfast. The hotel’s free breakfast was great. Then we went for one last swim before we checked out. It truly was a lovely time.
    I think the only thing that having gone through last year’s battle with cancer changed for me in regard to Christmas was my attitude towards “Holiday Buttheads.” You know, the folks who tend to launch into major control issue games during the holidays and/or act like jerks? I sat back and watched them act out, and then I just chuckled. I went on my merry way of enjoying the holidays regardless of their antics. After what I had been through? None of their negative energy felt important enough to allow it to penetrate my being.
    After discussing this phase of quietness situation with my inner circle I’ve come to realize why it’s probably taking place. Like I stated earlier, I’m not depressed. But, I do think the constant discomfort while going through the reconstruction process has affected me. Apparently it’s ended up wearing on me physically, enough so that it’s zapped my energy and creativity levels a bit.
    I will promise you though, and I keep my promises, I will do my best to sit myself down and start some rough drafts of the different funny stories I know you’ll all enjoy. Yes, they’re mostly at my expense.
    In closing, I will share this one story with you though …
    [insert long drum roll sound track here]
    And the award for “Best Hospital Smartassed Quip” goes to [rips open envelope] KEITH, also known as Hamma!!! [loud applause]
    My surgery time was greatly delayed due to the plastic surgeon, Dr. S, having a surgery prior to mine taking much longer than expected. After almost a couple of hours of waiting for him to get done, and getting my sky high blood pressure to stop behaving like a brat, he finally showed up to do my pre-op yap ‘n draw on me session.
    He explained to Keith and me what he was going to do and asked if we had any questions. Keith piped up and asked him, “Do you do taxidermy?” Dr. S kinda gave him a “huh?” look.
    Keith asked again, “Do you do taxidermy? I was just wondering.” Dr. S looked puzzled when he told Keith no. With a perfectly straight face Keith says, “Dang, I was hoping you did. That way you could mount her boobs for me. You know, so I could still get a quick feel in the mornings.”
    We all laughed and then Dr. S turned and looked directly at me. I saw a distinctive look in his eyes. He had just realized that it was only logical that I’d be in love with another smartass.

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One Comment on “Nope Not At All”

  1. 1 jayedee said at 2:20 am on January 28th, 2011:

    only you cherie! no wait, i take that back. it should read only you and the man that loves you! definitely a match made in heaven!