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Hello Again Everyone!!

Like I said previously, I am not near as talented or as funny as the owner of this blog, but I will try my best.

*taps mike*  Is this thing on?  Okay, so does anyone know what the difference between boogers  and broccoli is?  *looks around room expectantly*


Okay, well the difference is, Little kids won’t eat broccoli!!  *listens to the sound of chirping crickets.*

Okay, so that did not go over as planned, so I will get on to the informative stuff. Cherie called me yesterday, during the epic chaos that is always our Halloween. Can I just say, she sounds terrific!  I was very surprised to hear her so upbeat, laughing and in general, very high spirits.  She talked to me about her surgery. It went well, and both her surgeon and her plastic surgeon are both AMAZED at her post-op state. Her incision sites have NO hematomas,  very little swelling, and almost no drainage. Like I said, they are calling it “remarkable”. She said she was able to wash her hair all by herself, and is giving herself ‘birdbaths’, which let me tell you what, the image of her sitting in the birdbath in her dads flower beds almost made me wet myself, and she says it will be about 2 weeks or so before she can have a ‘real shower’.  She reports that her dad and stepmom are taking very good care of her, and she is sleeping in what she calls the most ubercomfy bed in existence. I suggested she tell Dad that she will need to take the bed with her when she leaves, if she can not, it would be most detrimental to her recovery. She, without hesitation, agreed.  She regaled me with stories of hospital shenanigans, which I will let her share with you at a later date.  She will more than likely be at her Dads till after her post surgery appointment with the Docs on Friday.

So that’s all I know. Well, I do know this. If any of you have ever doubted the power of prayer, and positive energy. This right here should be a very persuasive argument. All of us, who have prayed, sent positive energy, lit candles, even just a quick thought like… ‘Man, I pray everything works out the best’… Every single one of you, and all that positive ‘stuff’, has played, and will continue to play an essential role here.  I am proud to be a part of her “village’ and I am so very proud of her. Again, you guys are amazing, keep it up!

~ BHS  Shelly

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2 Comments on “** UPDATE NUMERO DOS**”

  1. 1 Heart said at 3:29 am on November 2nd, 2010:

    Good job Shelly! There is an abundance of Power in Prayer!

  2. 2 Rhonda said at 10:20 pm on November 5th, 2010:

    You really are a Heart Sister, Shelly! Thank you for keeping us up to date and being such a good friend to Cherie. When you speak to her again, tell her she is loved and being showered with Light! Best, Rhonda