Best Cancer Voice Mail Message Ever

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    First, thank you, everyone, for all of your well wishes, positive focused thoughts, prayers and dancing backwards in circles while naked in your backyards for me … I sincerely do believe each of you are a huge part of my continuing successful healing process.

    A special thanks from my heart goes out to Shelly for taking care of the blog site and my Facebook page while I was incognito as a cancer patient … Love you, Baby Girl!!
    Other than my stamina running out more quickly than it usually does, I’m doing great — so my doctors, people I know that I run into and all of my loved ones tell me. I’m elated to be alive and embrace each new day.
    Hopefully I’ll be up to snuff soon enough to write about some of the funny stuff I made dang sure happened during my stay at the hospital. =;>
    Meanwhile, I thought I would at least share with you the most wonderful cancer voice mail message I have yet to receive. Dr. W (my breast surgeon) had the experts examine ALL of my breast tissue that was removed from both breasts. Verbatim, this is the message that he left on my home phone while I was recuperating at my parent’s place about my pathology report.

“This is Dr. W. Just letting you know the good news on the pathology. No evidence of invasive cancer. There were lots of benign findings, some of which were technically quote, “pre-cancerous,” end quote. So, the surgical procedure on both sides certainly was a good plan.”

    Is that worth a HUGE smile or what?!?!?!?
    While repeatedly listening to the voice mail message today, in order to transcribe it for the blog, just like the first time I heard it, I found myself once again smiling all the way to the very core of my soul. I knew all along I had fought for and made the right decision by having a bi-lateral mastectomy … but, having science totally confirm what my intuition guided me to do? Empowering, deeply moving, downright priceless.
    Well, it’s feeling like pretty soon it’ll be the right time to have Billy Boy supervise another good nap.

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2 Comments on “Best Cancer Voice Mail Message Ever”

  1. 1 Stefan R. Burnham said at 11:14 pm on November 20th, 2010:

    Yes, "priceless". Treasure everyday.

  2. 2 jayedee said at 4:38 am on December 4th, 2010:

    yes, it's worth a huge smile…maybe even two…heck, maybe i'll even dance nekkid in the backyard again! love you girl!