Odds ‘n Ends

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    While hanging my laundry up on the clothesline today I caught myself getting rather nostalgic about it. It’s a chore I happen to enjoy doing. But, I realized that no matter how nice the weather may still be into mid-November, right after I’ll probably finally be back home, I won’t be able to hang the clothes up on the line anymore this year. Enjoying this chore will have to wait until the spring or summer of next year.

Keith, My Angel, Precious, Ladybug & myself on a hayride this fall

    I found myself smiling while the sunshine and remembering exactly who I was going to go through all of this for warmed my soul … myself, Keith, the girls and my friends.
    My baby heart sister, Shelly, has kindly taken on the tasks of updating my blog and my Facebook profile until I can get to a computer again. She’s not only the person who first suggested I start a blog, and nudged me towards this particular blog spot — but she also has a blog of her own at blogspot.com too. So, choosing her to update the blog saved me from horrifying visions dancing in my head of Keith or Bonnie blowing up my blog spot while they attempted to post something on it. =;>
    Keith will be calling some of you after my surgery on Thursday, to let you know how I’m doing — other than informing you that I’m probably still high as a kite. Shelly will post the hospital info on my Facebook profile on Friday, in case anyone would like to call to say hello and listen to some ‘buzzed out on serious legal drug’ yapping performed by yours truly.

    We’re expecting me to be in the hospital for probably about three days. That’s the ballpark estimate we’ve been given by the plastic surgeon. Upon my hospital exit, it’s still totally up in the air as to if I’ll go to a rehab place for a few days or if I’ll go to my Dad’s place. I’m leaving that decision up to the doctor and the hospital social worker. Yeah, I’m actually giving up control on something important!
Holy Releasement of Control, Bat Girl!!!!
    King Bali Bali and Prince Bali Bali (a.k.a. Keith and Billy Boy) will get to have some “just us guys” time while I’m in the hospital. Keith has promised me he won’t let Billy Boy throw any kitty tuna and beer keg parties while I’m gone. I’m not so sure if I totally believe Keith or not on that one though — Billy can be pretty persuasive when he wants to be.
   After Keith goes back home on Halloween day, Billy Boy will begin being spoiled rotten by Sharleen. He just adores her. She calls him “B Boy.” He rolls all over her lap, often falling off onto the floor … major loss of kitty cool points, but he’s usually so enamored that he climbs right back up on her lap and does it all over again.
    Sharleen has said she’ll spend some time with him after she feeds him in the morning. She also plans on coming back in the evening to sit for an hour or so and watch some TV while Billy gets some uninterrupted Auntie Sharleen time. I’m almost half expecting to get a “what did you come back home for, Mom?” look from Billy once I’m back home again.
    Fleur gave me a call today … just to see if I was doing okay or not. After a few smartazzed retorting comments back to her, she was totally reassured I’m really doing very well — with all things considered. Her personal touch of caring was much appreciated.

Emma Grace, 1 year & 2 months old

    Sharleen, her daughter Tammy and her youngest grandchild Emma, brought me a lovely post-surgical TLC box yesterday. Sharleen and Tammy are very thoughtful that way. And, Tammy is exceptionally talented at making gift baskets — they always look professionally made. She’s one talented crafty gal.
    The TLC box is filled with all kinds of stuff that I like. Sharleen knows that I only like Canada Dry Ginger Ale, so there’s a bottle of that in it. It’s also loaded up with couple of bags of crunchy Cheetos; a box of Bigelow Plantation Mint Tea; a bag of Barnum Animal Crackers (a childhood favorite of mine); 50 neon flexible straws; a big bag of pistachio nuts; a bag of Dove dark chocolate bites; a Tinker Bell plastic tote baggy; and a beautiful calendar for next year of roosters painted by Sunsan Winget. [Not a speck or orange in any of the paintings either. Woohoo!]
    Tomorrow I’ll pack up my overnight bag for the hospital and then a suitcase (for the extended stay) for wherever it is I end up staying after I leave the hospital.
    Also, tomorrow I plan on pigging out big time for dinner. No telling what time my six hour surgery will commence. Carb City here I come!! Maybe a ton of pizza or pasta? Or, even maybe a Burger King Fish Sandwich with large fries. Totally rotten, but woohoo!!!
    See? I really am doing alright. Thanks for keeping me tucked in your prayers through my journey. They mean more to me than I can ever articulate well enough for you to know the depth that my gratitude goes to.

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  1. 1 Katrina Buchholz Manchester said at 4:05 pm on October 27th, 2010:

    I am loving your blog. You are in my thoughts and prayers today, Thursday and long after!