Why A Bilateral Mastectomy (Part 2)

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    For quite a while I had been silently mulling over the whole bilateral approach to my survival. I kept this to myself for several months. I did this mainly because it seemed just my stating, in the beginning, that I wanted to have a mastectomy, instead of a lumpectomy and radiation therapy combo, gave cause for gasps and looks of alarm from my team of doctors and loved ones — until my Oncologist recommended I get a mastectomy.
    Best I can figure is that I suspect they thought I was going through a hysterical knee-jerk reaction. But that’s not where I was coming from. I know what my fibro and chronic fatigue limitations are, brutally so. I suspect that a lot of the same people thought I was coming from the same place when I finally stated I wanted to opt to have a bi-lateral mastectomy done instead of just a mastectomy.
    But mainly my reason for making this cancer fighting choice is that I’m a ‘cut to the chase’ kinda gal — it’s a trait I’m so thankful to have either genetically inherited and/or to have been taught … thanks Dad. =;>

This is the only video clip I found that I could embed with Bryan Adams singing “Everything I Do.”
It’s the song I wanted you to listen to while you are reading today … It conveys what my soul hears.
Sorry that the video clip itself will run out of imagines to watch.

    During a quiet moment with Keith this past weekend I told him I was opting to go through with the bi-lateral for him and the girls. He immediately responded, “you need to do this for yourself.” I assured him that indeed, first and foremost, I am doing this for myself. But, right after that, I am doing this for him and the girls.
    I have individually told each of the girls the following … I promise I will do whatever it takes to have the honor of watching you walk down the aisle to accept your high school and college diplomas. I will do whatever it takes to get to be a part of your blossoming into an accomplished woman. Watch you make a difference in the world with whatever you choose as your career path. I want to be there to watch you walk down the aisle when you get married. I want to be there to cradle your children in my arms. I will do whatever it takes to be there for you throughout your life.
    I have told myself the following … I promise I will fight back with everything I have available to me to survive. I still have a wonderful life waiting to unfold before me.
    I have told the Universe the following … I promise I will utilize my gift of survival with sharing more love and laughter. There is still so much more to learn from life, to drink in deeply into my soul. And, after having done so, I promise to pour as much back into the collective good as I possibly can — with the humble honor of doing so in the memory of those who lost their fight with this disease.
    I have told Keith the following … I promise I will do whatever it takes to be there to have the privilege of driving you crazy until we’re old geezers.
    I plan on keeping my promises.

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