Carcinoma Sucker Punch

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    Friday’s visit with Dr. W was indeed a roller coaster ride — but not at all the one I had anticipated. It wasn’t the gentle ride of “Ha! Ha! You Missed Me Cancer” that we had all celebrated last week — because no cancer cells were found lurking in the tissue surrounding the original calcification clump. This office visit ended up feeling more like a “Carcinoma Sucker Punch” to my solar plexus.
    Dr. W informed me that the hotshots he had take another look at my original biopsy (from April) did indeed find some clear markers of DCIS. They also found a benign tumor starting to entwine itself around a different small clump of DCIS. Seems I have a few scattered about in the breast.
    See?!?!?!? I told ya this was a carcinoma sucker punch, right to the solar plexus.

    Needless to say, I was in a bit of a state of shock for the rest of Friday. My first phone call vented my anger and shock. Thank you again, Bonnie. My second phone call nearly broke my heart, telling Keith.
    This was supposed to have been a weekend of celebration … instead it consisted of Keith and I quietly re-discussing the options ahead of me, and, of phone calls to my loved ones of the new news.
    I think the second time round of phone calls was harder on all of us than the first go around of the bad news. Mainly, because we all thought I had gotten to skirt by the need for any drastic treatment options.
    Keith pampered me all weekend, I got in two separate 3-4 hour naps and I snuck in one short motorcycle ride (against doctor’s orders). It was a gentle weekend.
   This coming Friday I will have a consultation with a Radiation Oncologist, per Dr. W’s request. I am still leaning towards the mastectomy (for various personal reasons), but I promised Dr. W that I would discuss my issues that I have with radiation with an expert. He asked, I’m doing it. He has my implicit trust.
    All-in-all, I’m in good spirits though, really I am. I’m still just very tired from the lumpectomy and the sucker punch I got on Friday.
   Last Thursday my favorite Librarian sent me home with a stack of relaxing read type books. I will be taking it easy, refusing to allow anybody else to dump their drama into my realm of reality, reading and continuing to have supervised naps with Billy Boy for the next couple of days.
    I am an audacious cancer warrior, you only get to sucker punch me once.

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