Racaroonie Skills

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    One aspect of parenting that I love is passing along silliness skills. Or, as my dad and I call it, being a Racaroonie (ROCK-uh-ROO-nee), a zenith state of idiotstick silliness. It’s a wonderful coping skill to have when a bucket of poop gets thrown into your whirling fan of life.
    I learned a majority of my Racaroonie skills from my father … running twit races in the grocery store; acting like you have no idea who the other one is at the checkout counter; in parking lots or stores, walking in unison just like Robins do; loudly whispering to the other how they really need to refrain from some egregious act upon society ‘this time’ while shopping or at a checkout counter — just to name a “few” of our father/daughter stunts, or as accompanying family members have called it “your antics.”
    The past few years of teaching Racaroonieness 101 to my three Doodlebutts, Hamma’s 3 girls, has become a delicious pleasure in my life. It’s provided me full license as an adult to continue to be a Rockaroonie in public while using the kids as my cover. Luckily Hamma is a good sport about it all. I’m still not sure if he just tunes us out or if he figures that if he acts like we’re behaving normally folks will throw some pity his way for having to put up with it. Maybe one day we’ll get him to run a twit race with us in the grocery store.
    This past weekend Hamma and I got to have a rare one-on-one with one of the Doodlebutts, Ladybug. Sharing Ladybug’s spontaneous cuddles, Eskimo kisses, giggles and ‘squeeze ’til you fart’ hugs were exactly what I needed.

Ladybug fast asleep. I sat there for a while, watching her sleep. A great rare quiet moment.

    I took Ladybug and two of my neighbor’s nieces to a nearby playground — just as it was starting to rain. They all voted to stay at the park and play. The rain was coming down at a steady clip, it was only a tad bit heavier than a drizzle though. There was no lightening, so what the heck. Why not?
    They got to run around like Racaroonies while I sat under a large golf umbrella on a nearby bench. Of course, I instigated much silliness, they ran with it. Soon enough they were fairly wet but still all smiles — except for one of them. She did everything to avoid getting her pants wet.
    We started up the “Wet Pants Club.” After much coaxing we finally got those dry pants of hers wet. I talked her into at least sitting on the end of the bench that I was sitting on — so she could attend our “Wet Pants Club” club meeting. Upon her initiation being completed she was dubbed Sprinkle Pants, her sister was dubbed Giggle Pants and Ladybug was dubbed Soaked Pants.

“The Wet Pants Club”
Left to right: Sprinkle Pants, Giggle Pants & Soaked Pants
    Hearing the girls giggle as the rain gently tickled my umbrella was deeply soothing. Their playful exuberance, my Racaroonie instigating and their free abandonment in executing said suggestions, focused all of us totally into the moment of now. They had a blast and it was exactly what I needed too. 
Top: Soaked Pants. Bottom: Sprinkle Pants
    It stopped raining for a bit and then it started up again at a good clip. The girls all voted to stay on. After doling out paper cups of water under the umbrealla, they attacked the monkey bars. Sprinkle Pants had convinced herself she couldn’t get up onto the lowest bar, let alone hang upside down on it. With some encouragement she faced her fears and tried again. She made it! She squealed with delight! It was magical to be a part of not only her facing her fears, but her enjoying repeated sessions of hanging upside down and swinging like a monkey.
Sprinkle Pants celebrating the moment of now.

Giggle Pants making it all look so easy.

    Giggle Pants, who is a natural gymnast, was almost named “Heart Attack Kid.” She kept attempting to do a standing flip from a cartwheel — in rubber soled sandles ON WET GRASS!!

Soaked Pants doing her Doodlebutts thaaang.

    After they were through with the monkey bars they trotted off to the swings. I could hear the lull of their conversations off in the distance as the rain pattered on my umbrella. As I breathed in the moment an old childhood memory flooded my mind.
    Well over 40+ years ago, on a similar type summer day, my first childhood BFF NaLona and I got caught in a rain storm as we were walking on a country road back towards her house.
   I remembered feeling cooler than cool to be playing in the rain. We were breaking the rules of adult common sense, we were enjoying a summer day with total freedom. Way cool Racaroonieness.
   Years from now I hope the girls in the “Wet Pants Club” will recall with fondness getting to play in the rain. I hope they remember feeling cooler than cool on a summer day too. And, I sincerely hope they will recall feeling way cool Racaroonieness … a chocolate mousse moment of their own to savor.
    I know I’m going to savor my perspective of this chocolate mousse moment.

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2 Comments on “Racaroonie Skills”

  1. 1 Kaiku said at 1:40 am on July 15th, 2010:

    Kudo's to Racarooniness!

  2. 2 Anonymous said at 8:16 pm on July 20th, 2010:

    I love your writing and you in general. Snoopy Girl.