Nightmares & Delivery Style

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    Before going to bed last night, my Honey and I voyaged through a storm of fear stirred up by my old abandonment issues. Luckily for me, he grabbed ahold of the rudder with feisty love and steered us away from that rocky shoreline of an old survival knee-jerk reaction of mine.
    This must have been the catalytic DCIS cancer straw that set my subconscious mind (SM) into action.
    I woke up at 3:04 this morning from an extremely vivid, action packed and explosive SM exercise. Some might have called it a nightmare, I didn’t. Over the years I’ve learned to translate some of the SM’s symbolic language it speaks in when I dream.
    While the dream was still fresh in my mind I mulled over the slivers of reality my inner self had revealed that it’s currently working through.
    It, my SM, was just churning through and working on resolving blossoming issues about my upcoming mastectomy — my unwarranted abandonment issues resurfacing; how to shed various aspects of old identities and where to replant their roots. Those of being a feminine, sensuous and sexual woman.
    In the dream I had escaped, just in the nick of time, a mirror glassed skyscraper which had exploded out every single one of it’s huge glass panels. An extremely vivid dream like this tends to jolt one wide awake. I took this particular portion of the dream as meaning my deep inner self, my SM, knew I was shedding my old identities [the panes of glass exploding off the building]. Mirrored glass is reflective … and, earlier in the dream, while still inside the building, I had seen several glimpses of my own reflection in them.
    Right before it exploded I had escaped to a distant point of safety. As I looked back, I saw that the frame of the building was still in tact — this is how I knew the dream was a good thing.
    This, to me, symbolized that the core structure of my mind and emotions are still in good shape. Cancer hasn’t broken me at all. So far, it’s only clawed at the superficial layer of my vanity. Now, it’s just a matter of slapping on some new mirrored panels of glass as this cancer journey continues and I move on with my life.
    So see? Overall … it’s all good.
    As I lay there, doing my best to drift back to sleep, to no avail, my imagination began to wander — imagine that!! I despise being predictable, oh well. =;>
    Once my brain attached imagery to one particular thought that had floated by, I commenced to cracking up laughing. All alone in my bed, wide awake in the dark after a nightmare,  I’m laying there cracking up laughing.
    Here it is … I think that whenever doctors have to deliver bad medical news to women? They should be speaking in a hot Latino accent. You know, like a smoldering, sexy deep voice, dripping Scorpio sexuality, male Latino soap opera type accent … the kind that usually makes women instantly squirt pheromones all over the joint.

Doctor: [normal professional voice] Hello, may I speak to Ms. Blah Blah?
[female patient] FP: This is she.
Doctor: This is Doctor So-‘n-so. I have the results of the biopsy test we did last week.
FP: [nervously speaks] And?
Doctor: [breaks into the hot Latino accent, rolling the "r" letters and punctuating every "t"] Mzz. Blah Blaaah. Your pathology report shows that you have Duuuctal Carrrrcinoooma in Siiiitu, more commonly known as DeeeeCeeeIS. You have noninvasive brreassst cancerrrr.

    See? See how that delivery style would make it all more bearable? Your hormones would probably trigger your brain into longing to hear a “Mamasitaaa” tacked onto the end of it all.
    And, I vote they make this delivery style a mandatory medical 101 class — it should count as a large part of their final grade in order to pass medical school.
    Plus, I vote that they morph into looking like Eduardo Verastegui (pictured above) while they deliver the funky medical news too. Hey! A gal can dream!!

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One Comment on “Nightmares & Delivery Style”

  1. 1 Kellie said at 4:43 pm on July 10th, 2010:

    How funny! I think we ALL could use a hot Latino accent in our lives sometimes. ;-)