GGJ Shots

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::: The Samoan drummer’s beat invigorates the celebration of good news further on into the night.
Cancer Girl climbs up onto a picnic table, waves a dishtowel over her head & hollers,
“Time for a toast! Thanks for celebrating with me. Thanks for being here for me.
I hope y’all enjoy the side effects from the GGJ shots I made up for this happy occasion!” :::

    Good news is good news, period. And, when it comes along in the midst of a war — you make the most of it. That having been said, here’s the good news …

::: Fleur looks down at her shot glass, “Okay, I’ll ask. What the heck IS a GGJ? What’s the side effect?
Cancer Girl smirks, “It’s a shot of Girly Girl Joy. After you drink it you squeal with joy like a seven year old girl.” :::
    The BRACA DNA test did NOT show my having the genetic marker for ovarian and/or breast cancer. This is a huge relief!!! This means I have a better probability (I hate using the word “chance” when referring to my cancer) of fighting back and surviving.
    It’s my good news, I’m going to bask in it for as long as I can. =;>
    Already the phone calls to different “Ist People” has begun. Already there has been three separate phone calls to Fleur today alone. Upon answering my third phone call Fleur said, “Admit it, you can’t live without me.” She may be right. I love all of the good humored people that comprise my village.
    The next step is finding out if my ongoing health issues will thwart me from going the lumpectomy/ radiation therapy route. My compromised immune and fatigue issues with the Fibromyalgia and/or the added complications of the Chronic Fatigue (CF) issues may make me ineligible for radiation therapy. If it does, Dr. W. says we’ll need to do a mastectomy. I’m cool with that — but that’s a whole other set of humors blogs.
    Dr. W. says there is no way he will do a lumpectomy without radiation therapy too. Apparently just doing a lumpectomy leaves you with a 30% chance of the cancer reoccurring in that breast. No thanks! Don’t like those odds at all!
    However, I personally do NOT want to endure radiation therapy though. From what I’ve read on various Fibro blog sites, of people with Fibro who have gone through radiation, it’s absolute hell. It kicks up the Fibro to it’s utmost worst levels and the extra fatigue is nearly unbearable. I already deal with enough Fibro/CF crap as it is on a daily basis. But, Dr. W. wants to hear the official opinion of a fellow “Ist People” — I trust him, so that’s what I’ll do.
    So, currently I’m waiting to hear from my GYN as to which Oncologist she recommends that she’s comfortable coordinating with. From there I’ll know who to call and do a consolation and possible treatments with.
    I guess I could pack myself a picnic lunch and hang out by the “Cave of Sages” while I wait for all of this to get coordinated with the various “Ist People.” Or, I could keep slamming back shots of GGJ until the “MonChérie” has to fire up her engines and head straight for the “Treatment Waterfall.”
    Yeah, screw this particular picnic lunch scenario. I’m gonna party on with the good news stuff instead!
::: Fleur dons an evil grin. Bonnie lets out a loud “Woohoo!” Keith and Shelly roll their eyes in unison.
Irene & Cheri sneak some extra shots while NaLona, a.k.a. Snoopy Girl, laughs the night away.
The villagers slam back their GGJs. Their loud screams of girly girl joy wafts through the crisp night air:::

One Shot Worth
 3/4 shot worth of good friends
A healthy splash of hope
A splash of good news
A pinch of silliness
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2 Comments on “GGJ Shots”

  1. 1 Anonymous said at 12:08 am on June 23rd, 2010:

    Love your GGJ SHOTS! Back atcha' with MME(Manly Man Enthusiasm)!


  2. 2 Chérie said at 7:11 pm on June 23rd, 2010:

    Aww, come on, SB … just one round of girly girl joy scream'n? lol