Chocolate Mousse Moments

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   It’s easy to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of cancer. All the phone calls to and from the insurance company, doctor’s offices, labs, treatment facilities; wrangling finances to pay for all the co-pays that quickly pile up; actively ignoring the black cloud of cancer’s unknowns that hover over you 24/7; walking the fine line that separates being open about the topic of cancer and not yammering too much, too often about it.
   For sure writing is proving to be a huge coping tool for me. But treasuring fleeting moments of time is proving itself to be just as powerful a tool. They have become the emotional equivalent of every spoonfuls worth from a crystal goblet that cradles my father’s insanely decadent chocolate mousse. A rich culinary zenith that is best slowly savored, immortally treasured. A chocolate mousse moment … a cmm. =;>
   One of my all time favorites is from a “Balibali” family day at the beach last summer. Keith, the girls, Billy Boy and myself comprise the “Balibali Family.” (ball-EE-ball-EE)
   You see, Keith started this when he proclaimed himself “King Balibali,” then the girls designated me “Queen Balibali,” Billy Boy is “Prince Balibali” and they of course appointed themselves all princesses.

Left to right: Princess Ladybug, Princess Angel, Princess Precious & Queen Balibali

   Anyway, the back story to this particular favorite chocolate mousse moment …
   Often one of the girls will launch into a Ad Man’s dream … “I want this! I want that! Buy me this! Buy me that!” I explain to them how advertising executives do their best to create a desire for things, how they manipulate a consumer into wasting hard earned money on brand names and junk. When the girls push the issue I often tease them with, “Looks like you better get going then. Start collecting soda cans around town. We can drop you off on I-90, pick you up in an hour or so?” I had thought they all knew I was just teasing. It turns out that Princess Ladybug (around 5 years old at the time) took it to heart.
   Princess Ladybug (pictured left), Princess Angel (pictured right) and I took off for a nice long walk along the beach while King Balibali and Princess Precious did some more body surfing. We had so much fun dodging the waves, walking hand-in-hand, all the while being totally silly girls. On our way back I spotted a beautiful beach house. It wasn’t a mansion but it was close to it. I pointed it out to the girls and asked them, “Think there would be enough room in there for all of us?” We had fun dreaming about what it might look like inside, which windows Billy Boy could supervise us from while we played on the beach.
  Then Princess Ladybug asked what would the house cost. I told her at least a cool million, if not more. She asked how many recycled soda cans would it take to buy the house. I suck at math, so I told her she’d have to ask Dad once we got back to our beach spot for the day.
   We had lunch and I totally forgot about the house. About an hour later Princess Ladybug walks up to Keith holding a bio-hazard looking crushed up soda can. Protective Dad firmly says, “Put that down! What on earth are you doing with that disgusting thing?” She looked totally devastated. She went to hand him the nasty looking  can and with pure innocence that only a child can emit she sadly said, “It’s for the beach house, Daddy.”
   He looked at me for a clue as to what on earth she was talking about. Then it clicked in my own head … she saw that can and wanted to help earn money towards us having that beach house.
   I stretched out my arms, called her to me and gave her a huge hug and kiss. “Oh, Honey. I was only teasing about the soda cans. But I sure am proud of you for thinking of us. Your heart is in the right place.” She softly told Keith, “I just wanted to help buy us the beach house.”
   That day at the beach is, to this day, one of the most wonderful days in my whole life. But that specific moment in time of pure innocence … Well, what a delicious memory. It’s a chocolate mousse moment.

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