Fine Tuning Samurai Skills

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:::Cancer Girl does a few “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” moves to burn off some excess energy.
She eyes her “Empress Jingu” samurai outfit that’s hanging on the back of the door:::

        Long before the term “samurai” came into usage, Japanese fighters were skilled with the sword and spear. These warriors included some women, such as the legendary Empress Jingu (c. 169-269 A.D.), pictured here leading an invasion of Korea. 
        According to the stories, Jingu was married to the fourteenth emperor of Japan, Chuai, who reigned between 192 and 200. After his death, she ruled as a regent for her young son. To pass the time, she invaded and conquered Korea (without shedding a drop of blood, according to the legend).
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Fining Tuning Samurai Skills
   If I tried to tell you that I wasn’t nervous about the upcoming “Booby Powow” later this afternoon, I would be fibbing. Even though my intellect sees the apparent lack of logic in being nervous, the body and heart seem to be holding the trump cards today.
   Normally, I’d chastise myself into alignment — that of my head, heart and body. It hasn’t worked so far. My head knows the logic; no amount of pitching fits is going to change a dang thing. The head is learning; to lean on others, it’s okay. Also, remember to be true to yourself while being considerate of your loved ones fears and concerns. The body; well, it needs to get with the program. So far it’s at the stage of internalizing my brain’s background buzzing. The last couple of days it’s been manifesting a fluttery and upset digestive system, tight bronchial tubes at times, and deeply emotional and extremely vivid dreams.

   Welcome to not being impervious from some of cancer’s side effects, Chérie. Welcome to fine tuning your warrior skills.
   I have long admired the samurai warrior’s methodology. It is one of honor, courage and self-discipline. In the past my willingness to stand up for what was right has often left me feeling as if I was in full samurai regalia — standing smack in the middle of some backwoods hick town — very out of place and often not welcomed. Sometimes this sentiment lead to resentment and pain.
   Thankfully, over the years I learned to embrace my samurai like spirit. Now, I give great thanks for it. It is what will let me walk tall, not crawl, through this cancer adventure.

   New warrior skills lesson … Facing the reality of finalizing my cancer treatment plan is boiling down to discovering a new fine line in my bravery … the fine line between being stoic and being expressively brave. It’s possible to acknowledge and express my fear and anger and yet not be whining.
   It’s my nature to be expressive, I’m a Fire Rooster in Chinese astrology. Hey, have you EVER heard of a quiet rooster? Exactly, need I explain that one any further? (sticks out tongue)
   Being out of sync feels rather embarrassing to me though. Hopefully, soon, my body will catch up with my head and heart. However, until it does, if it ever does, I need to be gentle with myself while embracing this new warrior skills lesson — it’s okay to admit to fear and anger and still remain strong, just don’t get stuck in the primal survival emotions.
   Aww, what the heck, I think I’ll cut myself some slack today and just annoy the living jaheebers outta Keith.  (Hey, somebody’s gotta live on the edge!! lol)
:::The mirror reflects a nervous, yet determined, Audacious Cancer Warrior Empress in full regalia.
She looks herself straight in the eye.
“Nothing will break my spirit. I have the audacity to turn fear into tenacity.”
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