A Path Of Remembrance

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At this very specific moment in time, myself as a conscious being writing this post and then again when you as a conscious being read this post, a Leaf Cutter ant is moving through its day in the jungle.

   This ant, we’ll call her Moxee, is contributing to her community. The probability of you or I ever meeting Moxee are slim to none. Yet, we are each an equally integral part of our communities — for comfort and for the survival of our species as a whole.
   Moxee communicates with minute, powerful droplets of chemicals, not with words. Scientist so far have only been able to decipher a little bit of what these complex tiny droplets relay. They’re pretty sure some of the droplet is for messages of food locations and/or dangers ahead. But, I wonder, do the ants also share their history, humor or tales of their relative’s triumphs and failures — a path of remembrance? I’m betting they do. If they didn’t, they would have to reinvent how to survive every single time a new generation of ants were born. They’ve been toted as being an “enthusiastically social insect.”

   What stories of another ant’s decisions and deeds would be important enough for an ant to pass along from generation to generation? Important enough for them to learn from so they could continue to exist as one of the most successful species, as conscious beings? Like us, do they ponder what impact their life will have after all is said and done?
:::Cancer Girl dons her superhero costume. Steps onto the “IHP” (Imagination’s Hyperspace Portal).
With conviction she says, “ENGAGE!” We follow along the IHP leap.

   A field of tall grass gently sways with the afternoon breeze. Looking around Cancer Girl sees meandering paths etched into the field, all crisscrossing each other in various points along the way. Each blade of the tall grass in each of these paths has been bent by that person’s decision and deeds — creating a path of remembrance.
   She turns and looks far off into the distance at the beginning section her own path of remembrance and the points where it has crossed or has been crossed by another person in her life. Each bent blade of grass echos the memory of their interactions and the results in her life and theirs.
   There are varying degrees of impact upon each blade. Some are badly crimped, jaggedly torn. Some have even withered away. Their condition reflects the depth of decisions and deeds done with bad intent. Angry words, hatred, jealousy or malice towards another. It makes for some very bumpy looking swaths in the intertwining paths.
   Cancer Girl sighs deeply. There is no way of going back to change those blades or the impact they had at the time on others. They are what they are.
   Her eyes gaze upon the section of grass that is closer to her. There are fewer blades that are in the same condition. She can tell at which point in her life she started to take responsibility for her intent, her actions and deeds with the crisscrossing paths.
   These blades gently undulate and echo patience, kindness, love and strength. The strength to not reciprocate malice. Instead, she sees where she chose to respond with the deliberation of personal responsibility.
   And then she sees the most amazing thing of all … The places where her path had crisscrossed with these negative people, had a rippling effect. Her positive choice rippled out onto other paths of remembrance that surrounded her. These where the paths of people in her life who witnessed or heard of these interactions.
   She saw that some of the observing paths began to also gently undulate around the ragged jutting blades that popped up in their own paths of remembrance. They had learned from her choice of response. They saw that you could walk a path of personal responsibility and still remain strong.
   Sometimes she had been mocked or even seen as being weak for choosing to face malice with kindness, strength and grace, with personal responsibility. But now she knew for sure it was all worth it. She could see how her own path of remembrance affected others.
   Cancer Girl breathed in deeply the magic of this moment. The magic of having a positive impact upon other paths of remembrance.
   She did a one-eighty and looked at the pristine grass that lay before her. It had yet to have any paths upon it. She knew that for however long she had left to continue on her path of remembrance in this field of life, her choices, and how they affected others, was all she had of importance to leave behind.

:::Cancer Girl hits a button on her superhero bracelet while saying,
“It’s time for this one to go home.”

   Whew! Cool IHP journey, but what the heck does that have to do with Moxee the Leaf Cutter ant you ask? Lots. If Moxee’s path of remembrance is important to her community’s survival, what makes you think ours isn’t too? We need to embrace how our decisions and deeds are impacting others. We need to embrace the responsibility of our paths of remembrance.
   I am going to do my utmost to leave behind blades of grass that echo laughter, irony, defiance and humor in the face of adversity, more laughter, lots of love, respecting myself enough to not stoop to malice with intent, some more love, some more laughter and hopefully a vast span of integrity.
   What are your actions with intent etching upon your path of remembrance?

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