February 4, 2010 // Yearly Mammogram

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My birthday. What an idiotstick thing to have done on one’s birthday. DON’T DO IT!!! lol (shakes head, for the umpteenth time on that bonehead move)

After the radiologist shared with me that “something looks suspicious” on my xrays I quipped, “Well, that’s not an nice birthday gift!” He nervously laughed and then gave me a look that I’m starting to quickly recognize now. That one of “is this chick in major denial, is she really that strong or is she plain crazy?”

The news didn’t surprise me much. Breast cancer runs rampant on my mother’s side of the family. I knew that I stood a good chance of getting nailed with a cellular bullet bent by cancer at some point in my life. Before getting into my car I took in a deep breath of cold winter air and calmly thought, “so much for dodging anymore.”

Intuition told me the breast cancer journey had begun — yet, I was calm. It had also told me things would work out okay. Last year two biopsy reports had come back negative. This meant that the new alien looking triangular thing in my boob was new. That’s the best odds one can ask for in a cellular war — catch an abnormality before it can dance with the Devil for very long.

I had a wonderful birthday. =;>

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