April 28, 2010 // The decision to share.

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Why on earth would someone want to write about their breast cancer? Best answer I can come up with is because I’m a writer, that’s what I do. I write about things that are relevant in my life — as a means of coping and/or figuring things out. I freely admit this blog is selfishly for me. I need to get out of my head and heart what this new zigzig in my journey through life is manifesting. But, this blog is also for my dear friends who are supporting me through this …
I’m getting tired of repeating the same dang jokes to y’all! lol

I feel no need to hide the fact that I have cancer. Nor do I feel the need to shove it in anyone’s face — as a means to get attention or pity. I’ve known people who have used their illness(es) in a manipulative manner, it has always disgusted me. I refuse to do that.

One amazing thing I’ve quickly learned … This cancer journey isn’t just about me — it’s also about the loved ones who surround me in my life. My fighter spirit may be on an even keel, but I need to be respectful and thoughtful of how you are processing this journey too. Facing mortality is tricky business I guess — everyone churns through it differently.

You are given permission to be angry at; in fear of; cry over; and/or run away in denial of the fact that I have cancer. I’ll still love you — but know this, I will continue to move forward in an irreverent and positive manner as I can possibly muster, with or without you. Don’t mean to sound harsh, I just don’t have the patience right now to chase after people and/or coddle them if they choose to shut down. I”ll gladly hold hands with you on this journey, though. =;>

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