April 25, 2010 // Biopsy comes back as positive.

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My “Breast Health” doctor (I call him my “boob doc”) called, “You called me to tell me I’ve won the lottery?” You could tell he wanted to laugh but knew he had some bad news for me, he answered, “Sorry, no.” “Well, then why’d you bother to call me then?!?!?” I have faith one day he’ll zing me back real good. lol

Doc told me I have DCIS but says a closer look is required, double MRI session on May 11th for that. But of any type of breast cancer that has revealed itself so far that I could possibly have, I have the best case scenario! Honest!!! DCIS is the most noninvasive form of breast cancer.

Don’t even ask me what my name is on May 11th — I’ll be as happy, high and trashed as legally possible!!! No way anyone is EVER gonna get me into another freak’n MRI machine again without being as legally “screwed” up as possible! I told the gal at the doc’s office, “give me something to make me so happy that I won’t care if Tammy Faye Baker rises up from her grave and starts singing again.” (Upon relating this one to Bonnie she said, “Tammy Faye is dead?” :::sigh:::)

What path of treatment my doctor, Keith and I decide to take won’t be decided until after the MRI session in May.

Hey folks, things are the way they are. No crying, gnashing of the teeth or cursing God is gonna change a damn thing. Where’s the logic in freaking out? Again, it’s not gonna change a damn thing.

As I started to fall asleep that night I said to myself, “Today was the 25th. It sure wasn’t Christmas though.” Billy then proceeded to curl up next to me and purr. Life was all right.

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