Sissy’s Birthday Blessing

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July twilight from my backyard.


“Twilight Magic”

May you forever be blessed with the magic of twilight …

Rays of ‘in between realms’ quietly shimmering,

Wafting comfort through

Ever-dancing clouds, worldly matters.

May twilight magic sweetly ignite your

Mind, body, heart and soul.

May we be blessed to witness this twilight magic

As it illuminates our realm,

Through your very presence.

Happy Birthday, Sissy.

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Forgiven Strength

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Untruths were pantomimed into matches today.

Each exaggerated flail of an arm,

Feigned shock emoted

Conspiratory whispers that were leaned into

Surely set ablaze a wildfire.

A wildfire destined for neighborhood lore now.

As you stood in the middle of our street

Igniting that fire, attempting to murder my honor,

I smiled.

If you found strength in your departing smirk,

Know that I found strength in my smile.

You see, days ago, you were forgiven.

You were forgiven the moment my thoughts and senses were collected

After shaking off the shock of our friendship and love betrayed.

Betrayed by flailing hands intent upon humiliation and violence.

Yes, within mere moments after,

You were forgiven,

In the name of what was once good.

So today, when I smiled,

You were forgiven. Again.

Even if it is not until the moment you rest your head

Upon the chest of your God,

May you summon the strength to accept this forgiveness.

For I am you. You are me.


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A Summer Toast

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Summer is quickly slipping away from us. The grass has become crunchy. The Sumacs are already beginning to explode with color. The telltale hue of faint pink in fields has yet to waver in fall’s crisp winds though. But it’s coming, soon.

I’ve felt a gentle nudge to consciously soak in what is the last of this glorious season for a couple of weeks now. One should cap off an exceptionally good summer with a good casual read. Yes? Yes. Off to the library.

00 Frances Mayes Under Tuscan SunTruly, I love our local librarians. Over the years they have been consistently the nicest and most helpful women around town. Every time I pick up a book I tell them, “You are my favorite librarian!” They always giggle.

It’s going to rain here for a couple of days. Figured the foul weather would be a great time to get in a good summer read before it totally slips away from us.

Tomorrow, as thunder claps and much needed droplets of moisture dance, I’ll be lost in “Under The Tuscan Sun,” written by Frances Mayes. I saw the movie a few months ago, it was pretty good. Logical conclusion, then the book must be fabulous! Besides, too many distinct details were left unexplained in the movie. My curiosity just has to find out why the old man kept leaving flowers in that wall. And, why did he never ever smile? And, what was the significance of that dang water spigot in the middle of the wall?

Oh, and the fact that the library had in stock an obscure movie I’ve been longing to watch again? That was totally a whimsical delight. “The Way,” is a film that was directed, produced and written by Emilio Esteves. It also stars his father, Martin Sheen. Wonderfully moving story, excellent acting and fabulous cinematography.

One cannot dip into a well that has not been replenished … Some good literature and a good movie will replenish my well of creativity. I hope you’ll replenish yours too.

I have so much to share and write about, my adventures, chocolate mousse moments and lessons of learning how to be a survivor. Here’s a summer toast to refreshed wells!

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